This week is super busy with a bunch of work stuff, so today’s post will be short and sweet! 


Yesterday we were at The Oasis in Austin for a work event. This place is known for the BEST sunsets in Austin, and it was amazing to finally be here for one. 




Also yesterday, I had the chance to jump on the phone with the Brooks Running team and heard about all of the cool things they have planned for this year. I love how they have redefined their clothing and shoe collections to be very clear as to who they are trying to serve — such as “Cushion Me” and “Energize Me.”

I have a few goodies waiting for me to try out (once I’m not so busy with work, I will and let you know! But, I have definitely added this Women’s Streaker Hoodie to my wishlist: 




This weekend I am headed to Minneapolis to visit some of my favorite people.



They own MPLS + STP Clothing Co., which has some super cool designs for people in the Midwest. I am so looking forward to seeing snow this weekend… is that weird!?


Snow: Yay or Nay? 

Any clothes on your wishlist?

Are you a sunset or sunrise person? 

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