Sometimes, you need to take a step back and refocus on the things that matter. Sometimes, life throws us a curveball that means that we can’t move forward with the status quo. And sometimes, we must take it in stride and throw our plans out the window. 

For me, that sometimes is running. I am hoping to embark on my first run today for only the second time in the past three weeks. I lied, I guess it will be the third if you count the 3M Half Marathon.

3M Half Marathon - Finish


When I finished that race, I felt so inspired and ready to take on running once again. Life has been a little upside down lately, so taking a break seemed to feel right. Well, until I tried on those jeans yesterday morning… 🙂

But anyways, I’ve learned in the past few months that sometimes, life isn’t what we thought it was. We think we have our plans and know exactly what our future looks like, and suddenly, it’s not like that and you can either move forward by rejecting change and fearing the unknown. Or you can take it in stride, and look on the bright side. On what positives may come from there. 

Back to running. For a runner; a runner with big goals this year, not running for a few weeks (errr, months) can be the worst thing possible. But is it really? 

Maybe it gives me a chance to refocus. To think about what my priorities are (sub-3:30, yes) and how I can get there. I have had an opportunity to reflect. What I have been doing the past five, six years, that just doesn’t seem to work? When it comes to running, what matters to me? What is most important? 

And while it means that my brain is working harder than my legs, that’s OK too. Because running will be there. Even though we have those sometimes moments where things seem confusing and passions no longer seem like passions, that too will pass. 



What are some thoughts on your mind today? 

Do you ever find that life is too crazy to do what you love? How do you manage that? 

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