Like I mentioned earlier this week, I was 90% sure I wanted to run Grandma’s Marathon for my goal marathon this spring, and then it turns out — it sold out! From what I’ve heard from many people, this race typically does not sell out this fast (if it sells out at all). It just wasn’t in my destiny for 2016, I guess!

So, I want to run another late spring/early summer marathon. I know that means that my options are limited. Ideally, I would run one in June. After a brief search, these are topping my list… but I need your help to figure out what I should run! 


1. Steamboat Marathon (June 5)


Remember that epic trip I went on over Thanksgiving and went skiing in Steamboat? Well, I’d love to knock out a marathon here! 

Pros: Looks absolutely beautiful and mostly downhill. 

Cons: A little too close to get a good training cycle in; not quite sure how altitude sickness/the altitude itself would affect me on race day?


2. Missoula Marathon (July 10)


I love that this one gives me a LOT of time to rebuild my base and that it would be in a state that I’ve never been to before. It could make for a fun mid-summer adventure! Plus, it’s in Montana… how can it not be pretty? 

Pros: Fast course! Point-to-point! Smaller marathon size.

Cons: How do you get to Missoula? 


3. Marathon to Marathon (June 11)



It would be really random to go to Iowa for a marathon, and this one may be a good one… especially if at some point . It is run in the middle of what looks like farm country. I’m not sure how excited this one makes me feel. 

Pros: It’s close to Wisconsin, so I could visit my family? It looks like it’s also a smaller race, which is definitely a benefit. 

Cons: Going to Iowa for a summer vacation doesn’t sound as fun as Denver or even Montana. Sorry Iowans! 🙂


4. Utah Valley Marathon (June 11)



I had SO much fun visiting Utah last summer and would love to go back. I love the look of this elevation chart and I bet it would be a great race to run. 

Pros: Another excuse to go visit Utah, and I know the course would be beautiful. Plus, I love the look of a net descent course.

Cons: There are still some hills along the way. And, I’m not sure if this will be pricey to get to SLC from Austin.

5. Whitefish Point Marathon (June 11)


I love the Midwest and I think this would be a great time to run a marathon up there. I’ve never been to this part of Michigan, so that could be a fun adventure as well! The elevation profile looks like something that fits me better (I’ve done the downhill courses, and never really perform as good as I want). 

Pros: Good course, smaller race

Cons: Same with Utah Valley, this could be an expensive trip.


So there you have it! What do you think? Have you run any of these races? Recommendations? Other races to consider? 

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