Last night, I went to see the movie The Big Short. 

In case you aren’t familiar with it –> it’s based on a book that talks about how some investors saw the housing market collapse coming and shorted the market. I spent a lot of the time in this movie mad and somewhat sick to my stomach. It is something that I think has defined the millennial generation and will continue to impact us for years to come [especially if the same thing somehow happens with student loans]. 

Next up on my purchase list: the book. 



I’ve talked about this quite a bit, but the past few weeks, my running mojo has been gone. The past few weeks have been exhausting, mentally and physically. But, it’s time for a change and to get back into it especially if I’m looking at a summer marathon

SPEAKING OF THAT —> I found out that you can transfer bibs for Grandma’s Marathon! If you happen to know anyone who can’t run it now even though they registered, please let me know!! 

Anyways, this morning I hit 8 miles on a new-to-me route and it was amazing.



The first few miles were hard, the last two miles were exhausting, but the middle made it all so worth it. I also listened to music, which I think is my new favorite way to run. I have some super sweet headphones that I’ve been trying out (review coming soon) that make it so easy to enjoy a good playlist. 

I am not following a training plan right now, as I think I need to figure out what I’m training for first. I want to run some other shorter races this spring so that might give me a little direction, too. 

I am totally loving this quote, by the way:


What are you up to today? Did you run — how far?

Do you listen to music when you workout? Why or why not? 




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