How does that saying going? Abs are made in the kitchen? 

Well, they weren’t lying. 

I have talked about this before, but feel like I’ve grown and changed quite a bit in this area. 

For one, I’ve had ONE soda since January 4.

This is HUGE for me. 


P.S. I am just slightly addicted to Parks and Rec now, thanks to several of my friends. Slightly addicted meaning I must watch at least one episode a night. 


Anywho. Back to the daily struggle. The daily struggle of finding those abs in the kitchen. 

It sounds so easy, right? Just don’t eat junk food. Eat the natural, healthy stuff. 

Don’t stock your kitchen with it, don’t go in the kitchen at work, don’t breathe when you walk by someone eating it. 


The one thing I’ve noticed, even more than before, is that when it comes down to eating healthier, this is my day:



RIGHT? All I can think about is when I can eat lunch, have my next snack and of course, what in the world will I have for dinner?

I feel like it’s a healthy obsession of healthy food. Maybe my body just gets more excited to eat because it knows it’s good for it. Or maybe it’s because I’m actually hungry since I’m not eating too much at one point.

But for some reason, that handful of almonds tastes SO good even though I can only eat six of them and they are gone in about 5.4 seconds. 

The one thing that I did notice, once I quit soda — a lot of my sugar cravings have gone away! It’s almost like that overload of sugar fueled a bigger craving for sugar and eventually, a crazy snowball effect. 

Because honestly, I never thought I’d say I actually look forward to drinking this every day:


And some days I splurge, and have two! 🙂

It feels so rewarding to know that I am treating my body right and fueling it with the foods that I need. Like I said, though, this is a daily struggle. I feel like our world is filled with so many food temptations. They surround us! But, it comes back to that willpower muscle. The more we flex it, the better we are at using it and that speaks to our results.

Plus, I have that big goal this year — to FINALLY get that sub-3:30 — and I know that what I do now to keep my body happy and healthy will make it SO much easier once I hit that goal race. 


Favorite TV show right now? 

Have you watched “Making a Murderer”? What did you think? I’ve seen one episode and am very “meh.” 

Do you find that if you eat sugar, you crave more sugar? 


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