Hip hip hooray for Thursday! 

I think this day will always be a favorite in my book, although I do love all of the days for their own special reasons. 

It’s been awhile… so bringing some randomness to you in the form of three things Thursday!




Earlier this week, I mentioned that I was going to get back on the workout train and I have been successful at it so far. Sunday and yesterday have been my rest days, but otherwise I haven’t been slacking.

Don’t get me wrong, waking up for this AM’s run was tough. I don’t think I’ve ever snoozed so long in my life. But I eventually convinced myself that I would be so mad at myself for missing my workout (since I don’t have time to squeeze it in later today), and that was enough to get me moving. 

Plus, I got to wear some pretty fun socks from Brooks Running:

Brooks Running Pacesetter Socks



This guy. 

Maine Coon - Jax


Seriously. So much fur. So much cuteness.


One of my favorite ways to find inspiration is to read quotes (don’t worry, I keep it even by checking out @unspirational at times… usually just for a good laugh). For some reason, there’s just something about reading other people’s words to give you a different perspective and in some ways, to help things make sense. 

Here are some of the recent ones that I’m loving:










How are your workouts going this week? Anyone else a snooze king/queen?

Are you a quote person? Any that you are loving right now? 

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