Happy happy Monday! Today it feels like another Sunday to me, though, because we are lucky enough to have today off work.After a weekend filled with running, adding one more day to focus on fitness and life goals is definitely not a bad thing. 😉

I am excited for a day filled with working out, catching up on life and wedding planning with my fav, Casey. And maybe taking a note from this guy: 


But, back to the weekend! My friend Casey (not the wedding planning Casey!), who is from Austin and now lives in NYC a few blocks from where my apartment was when I lived in Park Slope, came into town for a wedding and she stayed with me. So of course, we had to hit up the best trail in Austin — Town Lake (or the new name they are trying to call it — Lady Bird Lake).


It was such a gorgeous Saturday! We continued with some lunch on a sunny patio at Cenote and then hit up my favorite bar in the city to watch the Olympic Trials (and, we weren’t even the only people there that wanted to watch it, which made it even more fun). It was such a great race, loved seeing Meb make it once again and the friendship between Amy and Shalane. Super proud of Desi, very excited for Jared Ward and interested to see how Galen Rupp does. I am bummed for Kara and Ritz; I really wanted to see both of them make it. 

And btw, totally on first name basis with 98% of the elites. #lifegoals

Continued the run obsession by heading out to watch the Austin Marathon yesterday:



Each year I’ve gone and watched this race, I’ve told myself that I will run it the following year. The thing that scares me, honestly, is the amount of hills on the course! There are a LOT (in fact, I was cheering just by mile 13.1 and a lady yelled back at me that there are just so many hills, ha). Maybe someday. 

Which brings me to… recap of last week’s workouts!

It was a really, really good week compared to how things have been going in recent months:

Rest day!

3 miles! YAY! It wasn’t a major workout, but it sure felt good. And, I woke up early in the morning to do it which has been seriously a struggle lately. 

OTF! It was a 3G workout, which generally means they are more intense. 3G = one group on each of the stations (treadmill, rowing and weight room). I was sore until Thursday after this one! 

Rest day! 

3 miles, once again. I figured this was a safe distance to go this week since it’s been awhile that I’ve run regularly. Next week, I’ll work on increasing my mileage a bit more. 

OTF! Another 3G workout, this time it wasn’t so bad. I did switch things up this time and hit up the row machine first instead of the treadmill, which was a good change. I’m still not sure if this is the way I like to do it or not. 

7 mile loop around Town Lake… it was a little toasty, but it was a great run with great company. Plus, I don’t mind getting a little vitamin D this early in the year. 


Total miles: 13 miles [not including OTF, which usually includes 2.5-3 miles per class]


This week’s goal include increasing my mileage and sticking with two OTF sessions for the week. I would love to hit double digits in next weekend’s long run, but we’ll see how it feels. After going through the longest not-interested-in running drought in a long time, I definitely don’t want to push it. It’s kinda like when the cat finally comes out from under the bed when it’s been freaked out by something. No sudden movements, no loud noises — just let him ease back to reality. 😉


What were your favorite moments from the weekend? 

Who else has off today? How are you spending your day? 

What are your goals for your workouts this week? 


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