Once upon a time, I would wake up before dawn and knock out 10, 12 or even 14 miles (!) before work. BEFORE work. Now, I struggle to even hit double digits on a weekend when I have all the time in the world and it is the most frustrating thing. 

I can’t be too mad, because I knew for awhile that I was slacking. And that my fitness levels were deteriorating along the way. So, the only person to blame is myself. But, getting in shape is super frustrating!

Getting in shape tips | Crazy Running Girl


I think whether you are working out for the first time or getting your fitness levels back to where they were, I’ve learned that there are some things that just drive you crazy about getting in shape:



1. You remember how easy [insert exercise] used to feel. 

crazyrunninggirl.hillcountrymarathon4[oh hey hill country marathon that I ran just for fun!]

This is by far the hardest. Last week, I did a few three mile runs and it was frustrating to feel out of shape while running them, when I used to be like “pshhh, easy run time, let’s knock out a few miles” and not think twice about it. And now, my pace is at least a minute slower per mile and it feels hard. SO HARD.



2. Muscles you didn’t even work out get tired and sore. 




I don’t know how this happens; I think it’s because you somehow use more muscles than you think when you’re working out. Like how your arms will be sore after a run; or after a leg workout, you’ll feel it more in your shoulders and back. I never remember this happening when I was “in shape.”



3. You call yourself crazy for criticizing your “in shape” self. 

crazyrunninggirl.santarosamarathon2[me, thinking I look out of shape at santa rosa marathon]

I remember looking at my old “in shape” pictures and thinking that I looked so out of shape. Please! And so this time around, I’ve been promising myself that once I do get back in shape and lose some of these extra pounds, I will not criticize myself and be supportive of how I look. 



4. It takes a REALLY long time to see results. 



Ugh this is probably the hardest thing in the WORLD when it comes to getting in shape. You put in all this work and it takes weeks, maybe even a month or two, before you start to see your hard work pay off. For some people, this is enough time to give up along the way. But seriously, stay strong! 



5. …And sometimes, you make them up so you can make yourself feel better. 



I was wearing some jeans yesterday and was like, ooh, these feel much looser in the thighs. I must have lost weight! That is probably not the case; they probably fit the exact same as they did before, but I think I needed that positive affirmation that my healthy(er) eating and journey back to running is actually making a difference. We’ll just keep that train choo-choo’ing. 


What drives you crazy about getting back in shape? 

Do you have any fitness goals you are going towards right now? 


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