Happy Monday and back to reality! This weekend was super relaxing, and I finally knocked off a double digit run. More on that later. Anyways, a quick recap of the excitement of the weekend —> wedding planning with my friend Casey (who gets married on FRIDAY), visiting Hamilton Pool (more on this on Friday!) and eating some delish BBQ. 

Hamilton Pool | Austin, TX


The Salt Lick | Austin, TX


Also, this might have happened:



This is the one marathon that I keep saying I’m done running, and then I see the lottery opens, andddd I want to run it again. I feel like I kinda have unfinished business after 2014 with the crazy windy weather. I don’t think I’d be upset if I didn’t get in, but it would be pretty awesome to return to NYC for the marathon!

I also spent some time watching more Parks and Rec… I only have a few seasons left, and I’m going to be sad when there aren’t any more to watch! Although, I really feel like I need to re-watch the series because I’m sure I missed some gems. 

Parks & Rec | Ron Swanson Meme/Quote



Recapping last week’s workouts

I love my new tradition of recapping last week’s workouts on the blog! I did it once upon a time ago when I was training for I think the Santa Rosa Marathon, but I like putting it back on here because I feel like it helps me stay accountable. So, here you go! Last week’s workouts:


Rest day! After a pretty good distance run the day before on Saturday, my body was ready for a break. I did have fun going out to cheer on the marathon, though!



Orangetheory Fitness! I had the day off, so it was super nice to get the workout done at 10 a.m. instead of waiting until the evening. It was a TOUGH workout and I was super sore on Tuesday… but if you’re not sore, are you making muscles? 





I overslept in the AM so I left work a little early to hit the road and knock out 5 miles. It was a little toasty, but the sunshine felt good (yay Vitamin D!). And, this is the longest mid-week run that I’ve done in awhile so it felt good to up the mileage a little bit. 




Three miles! I left it as an easy run and didn’t push myself too hard. It was a little humid, I’m not ready for the Texas summer weather yet (for running that is!). 



Orangetheory Fitness | Workout summary


Orangetheory Fitness! It was an endurance day so it wasn’t too killer on my legs during the run, but those arms? Womp womp. Burning up a storm before class even ended. See Monday for my feelings on this. 





Quick three miles in the AM, focused on going at a faster pace (although I wouldn’t technically call it tempo speed). My legs felt really happy and it felt great to get in the zone a little bit more instead of just plodding along like I feel like I’ve been doing. I probably won’t start any formal speedwork until I get into marathon training in the next few weeks, though. 





I hit up the trail in Austin and did the 10 mile loop that I love so much. My quads were sore and a little tired, so it didn’t feel good until I got to mile 3, and after that it felt pretty awesome until I hit 7.5 or so and my body wanted to be done. Definitely glad I pushed it through, and super happy with my pace! Once I get into marathon training, this pace will be far too fast for a long run. I like to keep it at about 1-1/2 to 2 minutes slower than my goal marathon pace. (I talked about it more in THIS post.)


21 total miles, plus 2 OTF workouts (approximately 2.5-3 miles run in each one). 

I am super happy with last week’s workouts and feel like I am finally kicking it into gear. Just what I need after taking a few too many weeks off during the holiday season. 


What was your favorite part of your weekend? 

Workout recap –> how were your workouts last week? Anyone marathon training? What are you training for? 

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