As I talked a little bit about yesterday, the shoes that you wear when you run are SO important. 

The only injuries I’ve ever had in my running career (knock on wood) have been due to bad shoes. The first, I switched to a minimalist shoe, which was not right for this heel striker, and ended up running through the pain of shin splints… side-railing me from running for WEEKS. My shin splints were so bad that I could feel the pain even when I was just sitting there. 

The second was after I created this blog (woo!) and had super bad IT band pain. This was before I ran in Brooks, and ran in Nikes. Nike decided to completely change the profile of my chosen shoe to go from super cushioned to no cushioning. I bought the newest model and had no idea that they made this change, and my IT band was so angry. It was a blessing in disguise, because it brought me to find the Glycerins, which have been my go-to-shoe for several years now. 

Note: If you have any questions about the shoe profile of your shoe, I love using Runner’s World Shoe Advisor to make sure that I’m not making that mistake again. 


Another great tool to use –> The Brooks Stride Signature

The Brooks Stride Signature is a test that you can take right online and helps you find the ideal shoe for you based on a number of factors — like how you squat, your flexibility and your race goals. Brooks has recently redefined the way that you pick their shoes, putting them into four quadrants to meet the unique needs of runners’ bodies and our goals. 


So, I took the survey and surprise, surprise… my ideal shoe!



YAY Glycerins!! Seriously, love these shoes. (you can read my latest review of the Glycerin 13s HERE.) 

So, to celebrate the new Stride Signature, Brooks wants to give YOU a pair of shoes! All you need to do to enter? Head on over to Brooks Running’s website, complete the Stride Signature profile and tell me what shoe you get!






Giveaway will close on Sunday, February 28 at 11:59 p.m. CT. This post is written as part of my relationship with Brooks as a Run Happy Ambassador and the free pair of shoes will be supplied to the winner by Brooks. All thoughts in this post are my own and my true feelings. 

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