The Texas primary is today, and I encourage everyone to get out there and vote (am I hypocrite if I tell everyone to vote for this, but I’m not going to? I’ll vote in the real election, I promise!)

Anyways, I feel like there is a much better candidate out there than what we’ve seen in the race so far. Captain Obvious. Who is literally running for President. 

So, why should you vote Captain Obvious for President? Well let me tell you the ways. 

1. He is a runner!



He is literally running for President… by visiting all the states across the United States and assessing the great things about these states. I really think having a runner for a President is a good idea; after all, they will have a really good way to relieve stress and a strong community backing them (as long as they are good candidates). 



2. Captain Obvious has a great sense of humor.



With how this Presidential race is going, I can definitely use some humor when I’m checking out the articles. Heck, I can just use some humor in my life just because… life. And Captain Obvious sure knows how to deliver! 



3. He has some pretty epic style.



As he runs across the country, I do hope he continues to rock his super sweet suit. I think this might be a good costume option for an upcoming marathon. Plus, good style is a perfectly fine reason to vote Captain Obvious. #trendsetter



4. Captain Obvious knows the important issues.

Honestly, I’ve never thought about this.


But it is true… Wisconsin is a terrible place for people that are lactose intolerant! As he runs across the country, Captain Obvious posts videos like this for each of the states. There are 51 videos up on the site, go check out what he has to say about your state. 



5. Captain Obvious knows the best places in the U.S.

Since he’s backed by Hotels(dot).com, Captain Obvious knows the best places to stay and visit in the U.S. In Austin, he recommends the Driskill (which is on my bucket list to go grab at drink at!) so he obviously has good taste. 



If, like me, you’re tired of the Presidential race and the candidates bickering back and forth, go check out and have a good laugh. It’s definitely a nice break from what the other candidates for Presidents are talking about. 🙂



Anyone else over this Presidential race (even though it’s barely started)?

Do you think a runner would make a good President? 

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