On Monday, I mentioned that I was doing a detox and got a lot of questions on why I was doing one. Today is day 3, and it has definitely been a journey over the past 72-ish hours. I have done challenges in the past… no sugar, skipping out on gluten, quitting soda (and this time… successfully!), but this is the first time that I’ve officially done a detox. 

My friend Stephanie in Denver brought it up a few weeks ago when we were talking about our frustrations with losing weight/getting healthy. To be clear, I’m not trying to lose weight to be skinny, but so I can be a stronger marathon runner. Over the years, I’ve gained weight.



Somehow I’ve gained it so it’s not as noticeable… I think it’s in places where it’s like, if I would lose the extra pounds, it would make sense where it’s hiding, but for now, it doesn’t look terrible… if that makes sense?!

Anyways, where did this come from? A combination of stress and a not-so-good diet. I do think that this has been a contributing factor to my marathon times not improving. 

I also feel like I have some crazy cravings that I want to get rid of. I had some sweet tea when we went out for BBQ a few weekends ago and instantly, it felt like I was back on the soda bandwagon. I am not a fan of that feeling and I’m hoping that through this detox, it will help me get past those cravings and actually crave and want the foods that were made for our bodies. 

Also, it seems like a perfect time to do a detox with a friend so that we can keep each other motivated and share when we are having rough times throughout this process. 


What does the detox entail? 



We chose a 7-day detox that we found HERE. The thing that we like about this one is because it’s not just straight juice the entire detox. Today, in fact, I get to eat some veggies in a big old salad! I also like that we are able to make the juice and smoothies right at home. I know there are the juicing detoxes that you can buy all of the juices from a third-party but it’s so expensive!


Why do a detox?


I know a lot of people are super skeptical about detoxes. They say that they don’t do anything and that you basically lose water weight. Some people do agree that it helps to “reset” your body and get you back to where you should be. For me, I want to do a detox for a number of reasons. To get back on a healthy track, lose some extra weight (potentially) and embrace the goodness of fruits and vegetables. There are so many sugary and processed foods out there that I think we forget how good it tastes to have a fruit or a vegetable for a snack instead!


What happens after doing a detox? 



I definitely don’t want to go through this process and go back to my old ways. Granted, I am in a much healthier spot that I was three or even six months ago. So, I do think that this will recharge my eating habits and get me on the right track for a really strong marathon training season. 


I feel like doing a detox is a very personal decision and that it works for some people, and maybe not for others. I have definitely learned a lot throughout this process — even though today is only day 3 — and can’t wait to recap my entire experience with you guys next week!


Have you ever done a detox? What do you think?

Do you juice? What’s your favorite ingredients? I’m going to need ideas when this is over!

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