Happy, happy Friday! Today has felt like one of those weeks that has taken for-ev-er. I’ll give you one hint: it is most likely due to the detox that I am trying out because my body and mind are so confused. I only have two full days left! Full recap coming next week. 

In the meantime —> let’s talk about fitness and fitness goals! We all (or most of us) set goals the first day of the New Year, aka resolutions, and unfortunately, most of those die off really really quick. 

I think there are a few reasons for this, but I think mostly it’s because we set unrealistic goals that we can’t meet in order to #BeFitAllYear. 

OK, it’s the New Year, I am going to go to the gym EVERY DAY for at least an hour and work out and lose all this weight. 

Enter reality, about a week later, and this is thrown out the window and we are back to our old habits. 

I think to be successful with our fitness goals, we have to start little by little. When I coach new runners, I always encourage them to start by running (or doing a run/walk mix) for 15 minutes a day. Everyone can do 15 minutes! And gradually build up from there. Otherwise, it’ll be as painful as ripping off a bandaid. And nobody likes that. 

I recently had the opportunity to check out #BeFitAllYear, a campaign from BeFit which integrates nutritional supplements with a workout calendar to keep you motivated and on track to hit your goals. 

BeFit Workout Video

The workouts range from 10-15 minutes and focus on different areas of the body (see all HERE). “Lower Body Blast” and “Dynamic Strength” are two great ones to check out! Plus, they can be done right at home — which makes it easy if you have a crazy busy schedule (*raises hand*) or if you have young ones at home, and need to squeeze in a workout during their naps.

BeFit Supplements Burn


On top of that, they have a full nutrition line to complement the fitness portion. I tried out a few of the products, including:

  • BeFit Whey ProteinI mixed this with coconut milk for a quick drink after a morning run — right when your muscles need protein the most. I like that it didn’t have the chalky taste, it was pretty yummy to drink!
  • BeFit BurnI have never tried a supplement like this before, so I was interested in checking it out. You basically take two pills a day, with the biggest meal of the day. I kicked this off a few weeks ago when I was trying to get back into the swing of being healthier. In the first three days, I lost four pounds! From there, I pretty much stayed the same. I didn’t finish the whole 30-day supply but ended up about three pounds down. 
  • BeFit Pre: Getting up early in the morning for a run means that some days, I just don’t have the energy to push through. I like to drink this before a workout like that (or when I need a boost before OTF!) just to get that extra energy. 


I like to try new things like this to know what I can include in my arsenal of nutrition. I would love to try BeFit Burn once again and do it all the way through instead of stopping halfway through. 

#BeFitAllYear Giveaway with Crazy Running Girl


Want to give it a try yourself? You’re in luck! I am going to give YOU a chance to win a pack with the BeFit nutritional supplements listed above and work on your #BeFitAllYear fitness goals! Good luck! 🙂 

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Please note, I was given the opportunity to review BeFit workout videos and supplements through my relationship with FitApproach. All thoughts are my own!

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