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In case you missed it, last week I embarked on something I’ve never done before: a 7 day detox. Read my thoughts on it on day 2 of the detox HERE

I’ve read mixed feedback on detoxes, which I’m sure you’ve heard too. Some people, and experts, claim they are the best thing in the world and they can feel so “clean” after they do one. Others claim they do absolutely nothing. After all, that’s what our livers and kidneys are for — they are in our bodies to detox ourselves of all of the chemicals. 

However, I do feel like there is a LOT of toxins around us that our bodies weren’t designed to get out of our system. So, sometimes we do need to give it a little bit of extra. I’m not a medical expert, and I didn’t do any scientific research on my body to see how it looked pre- and post- 7 day detox, so I’m not quite sure who’s the expert that’s right. 

But what I can share… the results. 


The 7 Day Detox: Summary Thoughts

So, it was tough. A lot tougher than I think I thought it would be. I did this with my BFF in Denver, and I don’t know how people do this on their own without moral support. We spent a couple of hours on Tuesday (day 2) texting each other what food we wished we could eat. 

Green Monster | Detox smoothie


The smoothie (which we drank a LOT) got really old over time. It didn’t taste that bad, it was just annoying to drink by time day 5 and day 6 came around. I did have some side effects: hoarse voice, body aches, headache, emotional-ness (I don’t know the word for that – ha). They didn’t last very long, and I think if I was still drinking soda like crazy, the headaches would have been a lot of worse.

I think that I saw more mental benefits than physical, but the physical wasn’t too shabby either! If anyone is thinking about doing this, be careful when you work out! This significantly reduces your calorie intake, plus there’s no protein or carbs, so you will not have the energy you are used to having. 



I didn’t take any measurements. But I did weigh myself nearly every day. I ended up losing over 6 pounds total throughout the course of the seven days, which is pretty amazing and exciting.

Now, I’m not sure how much of that will actually stay off now that I’m back on a “normal” eating pattern. However, I did notice that my face started looking thinner and I did see some of my muscles pop a little bit over the course of the week — not sure if that’s from the fitness or from the weight loss. 

One of my favorite things that I noticed by day 4 —> my skin! I don’t know how to describe it, but it just looked more even and less splotchy. It was a good reminder, every time I looked in the mirror, of how fueling your body the right way can make a world of difference.



Someecards | Willpower


I have always struggled with mental fitness. With having the willpower to make it through a dietary change and stick with it. This taught me that I can do it. I learned how to fight through cravings. I learned that I am strong and can put anything I put my mind to. 

This whole week also drove home the idea that food is fuel. It’s the fuel that we use to power our bodies. It’s not a treat, it’s not something that you can use to get rid of boredom, sadness, anxiety and all the other emotions. It is fuel, plain and simple. 

To me, this is the most important thing that I got out of this week. The weight? Yes, that’s great… but that will come and go. This focus — the focus on fueling my body the right way — it’s just what I need as I get into marathon training.


So, I’m super excited for what this means for the next step in my marathon training and my fitness. I spent a good deal of time earlier this week figuring out my meals for the week. I found most of them on the Orangetheory 30-day meal plan and they all sound so amazingly delicious and pretty easy to make. I’ve also found a new plant-based protein that is super clean to put in my breakfast smoothies (not the ones from the detox by the way). 

Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m going to the other extreme and never indulging a little bit. 🙂 I will still do that every once in awhile, but not to the extent that I was doing previously (umm, every meal?!). So here’s to the next step in the journey. 

Lastly, would I recommend a 7 day detox to other people? I would say it depends on what you’re hoping to get out of it. If you’re hoping that this is the magic formula to knock the last few pounds off (and keep it off), probably not. But if you are willing to do it to teach yourself about yourself and learn about your body, then yes!


Have you done a detox? What was your favorite benefit from it? 

What’s your favorite indulgence? 


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