You know what’s funny, last year when I turned 30, I felt like I was having a hard time about the age. But it wasn’t the age, it was the other things that were happening in life. 

So, today I turn 31. The big 3-1. I look back to when my parents turned this age, and they had a 9-year-old and a 2-year-old (me). That is just so crazy to me to think about. Somedays, I just feel like I can’t even handle myself, let alone two more human beings!

The biggest thing that I’ve learned this year is that age does not matter. It just doesn’t. 

Yes, as you get older, things change. It might be a little harder to burn off that extra few pounds from the holidays, and your knees may be a little creakier. 

But honestly, I feel like I’m in such a better place now than I was a year ago, or even two, three years ago. I don’t know if it’s an age thing, or if it’s just an accepting life thing. 

Sometimes we fight life. We don’t like what’s thrown our way and we don’t deal with change very well. It can be scary, quite frankly. But if you don’t change, you don’t grow. If you don’t grow, what are you doing in this life? 



So, for all of your late-20-year-olds who are about to turn 30, don’t freak out. It’s okay. Your 30s are pretty awesome, even if it does take a little bit of adjustment to get to it. 

You may be wondering, why are your 30s so awesome? 



1. You kinda have things figured out. 

I went through so many years in my 20s where I didn’t know what I wanted. Do I want kids? What kind of career do I want? Do I want long hair, short hair, do I like running, do I want a dog, should I start drinking coffee? 

Honestly, I think there’s some kind of realization that you hit where you just don’t really care anymore if things are “trendy” or what you should do, you just have yourself figured out and what you want. And it feels so good to do something because you want to, versus because because it’s the coolest thing at the moment. 



2. You have some money. 

This is my favorite part ;). I feel like during your 20s, you are getting yourself established and you have to buy all the things to be an adult. A car, the furniture, the kitchen goods, the wardrobe. But in your 30s? You have most of that stuff and yeah, you upgrade here and there, but it’s not a huge expense all the time. So, you can start splurging on yourself a little more. 



3. You realize sleep is good. 

For so long, I tried to fight sleep and act like a vampire like I didn’t need to get any. But then you kinda realize, all those five-year-olds in the world that hate naps are wrong and are truly missing out. Some Saturdays, I’m super pumped to have a quiet day so I can take a nap in the sun. And well, on those Friday nights with no plans? 11 p.m. bedtime sounds pretty good. 



4. You start taking care of yourself. 

Along the same lines of getting more sleep, I feel like you start to realize that life is going really fast and the best thing to do about it, is to extend the life you have left.

So, you start taking care of yourself better than before. From skin moisturizer to drinking more water; to skipping that last drink at the bar to finding more rewarding ways to spend your time, you choose the things that will make you better vs. what you think everyone else wants you to do. 



5. You stop caring about pleasing everybody else. 

This for me has been a huge one. For so long, I feel like I would do stuff because I didn’t want to make people mad or sad or whatever, but I didn’t ever think about what it made me feel like.

I remember back in high school, someone would ask me to do something and I wouldn’t want to go. So, I would ask my Dad, “what should I tell them?” And he would say, “just tell them no.” I thought that was so rude! But it really isn’t. 

And now, I realize that. It feels so good to say yes to what makes me happy and no to what zaps my energy. 



6. You get rid of the terrible. 

Because of all of the above, you have a better idea of what you don’t want in your life. I feel like in your 20s, you let vampires come in and suck you dry, only because you don’t realize what they are doing (or maybe you just don’t care that much because they offer X quality). But once life starts to get more crazy, you prioritize things… and realize, sometimes people just don’t make that list. And you’re OK with that. 



7. You embrace the cookie. 

“Oh sorry, I’m on a diet, I can’t have that cookie.”

Pshhhh, in your 30s, I feel like you throw that out the window. Not saying that suddenly you are a cookie monster, but that you now understand moderation and having a little bit of that indulgence. P.S. you can replace cookie with any dessert. 🙂



8. You value the intangibles. 

I feel like you start to view your relationships, if you didn’t already, as more valuable than anything that you can do because of #2. Family, friends, pets… whatever it is, they start to take precedence, even if it’s just hanging out at home for a few hours with the people you love. It becomes even more important. 



9. You don’t care what people think. 

Kinda in line with #5, you really stop caring about what people think. I thought I hit this when I was in NYC and would walk out of the apartment wearing sweat pants (gasp), but with age, you realize that people will always have their judgements. And you will go crazy focusing on what people think. So you realize that you should just focus on what YOU think… after all, you are most important, right? 



10. You figure it out. 

I don’t know how to define the “it,” because I think it varies from person to person. But I do think that in your 30s, you finally figure IT out. Life, what you want, your goals, where you are in life… whatever it may be, it becomes more clear. Which in itself, makes your 30s fantastic. 


When is your birthday? How young 🙂 will you be? [if you want to share!]

What are some important life lessons that you’ve learned along the way? 

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