Happy Monday! Today is one of those days where I just want to share some of my current favorites in life… it’s been awhile. 🙂 Tomorrow I’ll have an update on the weekend + last week’s workouts. I definitely got in more mileage than I was expecting, which is always a pleasant bonus.




…loving the new Brooks Running Neuro shoes

Brooks Running Neuro


They have such a fresh, funky design that have some major benefits for your body when you run… and I LOVE the colors of the Brooks Running Neuro! I wore them for an OTF class last week, and once I get a little bit more miles on them, I’ll have a full review up. But so far, I’m definitely a fan (don’t worry, they won’t be replacing my Brooks Glycerin anytime soon, but I do like switching it up and wearing other shoes when I do shorter distances and fitness classes). 


…trying new foods and recipes.

Buffalo patties


After my detox, I made a commitment to not get back into my old ways. After all, that would just mean what I did was pointless, right? I found an OTF meal plan that has some really awesome recipes… including one for bison patties! I have never had buffalo before, and I thought these were great.

Green smoothie with Life's Abundance


I also came up with my own green smoothie recipe (inspired by the detox) and it is awesome. I have been trying out the new protein powder from Life’s Abundance and omggg, I think it’s my favorite protein powder ever. Smoothie recipe coming soon. 🙂


…this guy

Maine Coon cat


Way too cute for words.


…venturing out on new trails.

Walnut Creek Park in Austin, TX


Last week, I went for an evening trail run in a park I never visited before (Walnut Creek in Austin) and it was amazing. Even though we don’t have leaves on the trees, this part of the trail took my breath away. Something magical about all of the sticks and branches looking so naked and vulnerable. 

It was my first true venture at trail running and it was fantastic. There is just something about being one with nature that transforms the experience… along with running like a maniac when earth’s terrain is working with you. Can’t wait for more. 


What are you currently loving? On your mind? 

Favorite moment from your weekend? Anyone race? 

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