Hello, hello! I planned to have this post ready to go early this AM but my flight was delayed last night and literally didn’t get home until 1:30 a.m…. but it was so worth it!

I was in Colorado for the weekend for my birthday. My friends have an awesome place in Steamboat Springs so we spent a lot of time skiing, stopped by the hot springs and did some hiking. And of course, some celebrating for my 31st birthday. I have no idea where the years have gone and how I’m already 31, but it’s OK. I’m good with it

So, some favorite shots from the weekend that I must share:

Colorado skiing | Steamboat Springs

Mountain views in Colorado


River in Colorado

Now it’s back to reality! I actually have a race this weekend… I haven’t talked a lot about it. It’s the first race in a long time and actually my first ever trail race! I am super excited. It’s the Lost Pines Trail Half Marathon just outside of Austin. I have no expectations for this race whatsoever, and am mostly running it to a) try something new (yay New Year’s Resolutions) and b) to kick of marathon training. More on what marathon I’m running later. 😉

And with reality, owning up to my less than amazing workout week last week —> 


Orangetheory Fitness. I am totally loving these workouts on Sunday mornings… it’s a good way to get me out of bed (usually I like to sleep in… this makes me get moving). Although it usually means I’m super sore for a few days (especially after this one…). 

Monday: Rest day. So much soreness. 


Walnut Creek Park in Austin, TX


When it’s not a rest day, apparently I like to do two-a-days?

I ran 6 miles in the AM and then busted out three miles at night on a trail in Austin. It was a really bad day, and I just needed a way to vent. Thank you running. 



I would love you if you were pizza


Three miles in the AM and then hit up Orangetheory Fitness after work… and we did 24+ minutes of abs. Ouch. My abs were SO sore. 

Thursday: Rest day. 


Steamboat Springs | Skiing


Skiing! We skiied for a LONG time on Friday, we were on the mountain from like 9:30-3 p.m. (with a brief break at the loge of course). I tackled my first black diamond in Colorado without wiping out which is a really big deal!


Saturday: Rest day.


Big Beaver Brewing in Loveland, Colorado


Rest day. It was my birthday. 🙂 So, instead, practiced some carb loading…


Knocked out a total of 12 miles which isn’t that awesome, but I’ll take it with everything else that was going on last week. Sometimes you just have to roll with what you can do instead of forcing it when you just can’t make it happen.


How was your weekend? What was your favorite moment? 

When is your birthday? 

Do you prefer to work out in the AM or PM? 

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