It’s officially been 10 days since I wrapped up the seven-day detox I did. Even though it’s only been just over a week, I have definitely noticed that my eating has changed since I wrapped it up, including what I want to eat. 

See, I’ve developed a big sweet tooth over the years. I had a big one when I was a kid (omg, candy) and it led to me being overweight (I finally lost about 25 pounds going into high school). I never really stopped feeding the sweet tooth, and over the past few years, it really got bad. 

This was one of the reasons I was excited for the detox and I must say, it worked. I haven’t had sugar cravings like that in the past, even though I totally splurged my birthday morning on this amazing sweet treat:

Homemade cinnamon roll

How my eating has changed post detox… 

I don’t crave soda like I used to. I have turned to La Croix as a “treat” when I want something fizzy. My work luckily has them in stock and available for free. (It took me a REALLY long time to get used to La Croix; when I first tried it, I absolutely hated it! But now it’s definitely one of my favorites). 

I’ve also noticed that I have better portion control. Honestly, I don’t think this is much of a surprise considering that on the detox your daily intake includes a juice, smoothie and salad.

Naughty Santa from Torchy's Taco[usually I get two of these awesome tacos from Torchy’s… but now? keeping it to just one.]


Portions are seriously the thing that I struggle with the most; I think a little bit because my eyes are bigger than my plate (give me ALL THE FOOD) and because it takes a bit for your stomach to catch up with your brain so I tend to eat until I feel full. 

The detox taught me that you don’t have to stuff yourself at every single meal. I learned how to feel content with the food that I ate instead of looking for that “omg please roll me off this chair” feeling. And it makes me feel so much better. 

Green monster smoothie with Life's Abundance[new breakfast! ice, coconut milk, vanilla protein powder, spinach, banana, lemon… so good!]


Lastly, it gave me the fuel to stay healthy. I sacrificed a lot during that week and it is fresh in my mind… I don’t want to give up on what I worked towards that easy! I think that over time this feeling will become less prominent and re-doing the detox (maybe for three days) would probably be a good idea. 


However, I must add this note… 

This does not mean that I will never splurge or eat a cinnamon roll again. My goal throughout all of this is to have one cheat meal a week and one day to enjoy a few drinks (not a few drinks every day, ha!). Even this perspective about my eating has changed!

Life is all about living and I’m not going to stop myself from enjoying one of the most amazing indulgences we have, good food. However, that also doesn’t mean I’m going to go back to my old habits of using food as a therapy tool. 


What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to eating healthy? How do you keep yourself on track?

Do you allow yourself “cheat” days/meals? What classifies as one? 


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