Happy happy St. Patrick’s Day! I am not Irish, but I do like to wear green, so that gives me enough reason to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, right? 

Today also marks Thursday, which means our super awesome Running Coaches’ Corner link up with Susie, Debbie and Rachel! It’s March Madness and so today, I’m getting into the thick of things and talking about the best topic: running and St. Patrick’s Day. 

How to celebrate St. Patrick's Day like a runner | Crazy Running Girl


So, ever wonder how you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day like a runner? Here’s how:


1. Don’t get pinched — make sure you rock your green!

Brooks Running | Pacesetter Socks, St. Patrick's Day

Holidays are the BEST reason to dress up all festive. Remember when it was a requirement when you were in elementary school?! I feel like running makes it more fun to dress all crazy on holidays… especially since companies like Brooks Running come out with super fun gear like these socks!



2. Run towards that pot of gold… and the lucky leprechaun.

Lolcatz | Where's the pot of gold

Hey, what’s better than running than running towards a pot of gold? 😉 I guess you could technically say that a finisher’s medal is just like a pot of gold. So, whether it’s seeking it out in your morning run or on race day, take advantage of the holiday to get your miles in!



3. Bring yourself some St. Patrick’s Day luck… with a lucky HIIT workout. 



These days, I look for luck any way that I can get it. So if you tell me a HIIT workout is lucky? I’m in it to win it. I shared this one a few years ago and the best part? It’s only seven minutes! Or you can do it a few times for a longer workout. Your muscles will thank you. 😉



4. Fuel your body with a little bit of green. 

Green monster smoothie with Life's Abundance


You don’t have to eat corned beef to get your protein in! Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day like a runner and get your protein in with a much healthier treat — a green monster smoothie! I know, I’ve been talking about these things like CRAZY since the detox, but they are my new favorite thing.

Try it.

You know you want to. 



5. Spend some time carbo loading. 

Someecards | Running gear and beer


Runners love carbs and our bodies need carbs. So, once you do #2 and #3, you have a perfect excuse to carbo load… with some green beer, right? You don’t have to go crazy, but at least celebrate St. Patrick’s Day like a runner and grab yourself a beverage with some of your favorite running friends!


How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Who’s wearing green today?

Anyone run a St. Patrick’s Day race this year? What distance was it? 

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