If you’ve read Crazy Running Girl for a few years, you have followed my craziness as I’ve tried to figure out what to eat for breakfast. I’ve done pretty much everything and anything, including going on a streak of just eating salads

I have this issue where when I eat breakfast, it doesn’t stick and I end up being really hungry by 9:30… and just eat way too many calories to fill myself up. I used to live and die by cereal, and that is by far the worst thing for me. 

Green smoothie with Life's Abundance


Recently, I’ve switched over to having a smoothie + hardboiled egg for breakfast, and it seems to do the trick! I am usually full until just about 11:30, and at that point, I can wait until lunch to grab some food. I feel like I’ve finally cracked the code! 

Beyond that, there are a few other reasons why I love having a smoothie for breakfast:

5 reasons to start your day with a smoothie | Crazy Running Girl


1. You can start your day with a cup full of nutrients.

Getting all of my fruits and vegetables in can sometimes feel super overwhelming, especially back in the day when I only ate cereal for breakfast. I love that you can throw in a bunch of fruits and vegetables and get a shot of nutrients right when you start the day when you have a smoothie for breakfast. Right now, I’m loving a combo of spinach, banana and lemon (lemon is supposed to get your body going in the morning) mixed with protein powder, ice and coconut milk. 



2. It’s super easy to make (and eat)!

I think it literally takes me about three minutes to make the combo above (and maybe four if I have to peel the lemon). It is SO quick and so easy to eat! I bought a Ninja blender a few weeks ago and the thing is amazing — it makes it so easy to mix it all together and not have any chunks. I just need to figure out the right ice ratio to make it a little creamier.

Anyways. I usually have a few phone calls in the AM before I leave for work, and I can easily drink my smoothie while I’m on the phone and nobody knows. 



3. No time for breakfast? You have time for a smoothie. 

This is the number one excuse I hear from people, and I’m not going to turn all mom on you and tell you it’s the most important meal of the day. But it is!! 🙂 Even if you are short on time, you can quickly throw a smoothie together (see above) and even grab it to go while you’re driving to work. 



4.You can get a little creative.

I haven’t branched out here, but it’s amazing what you can add to a smoothie and have it still taste good. Add some pineapple, blackberries, apples and even cucumber for a little refreshing twist! I find that as long as I have banana, the other flavors are muted and it gives it a really good taste (as long as you like banana, that is! Ha!)



5. Post workout? Give yourself a shot of protein. 

Usually I’m grabbing a smoothie for breakfast after I’ve had a workout and we all know the experts recommend that you need to eat protein quickly after that workout. I always add a shot of protein powder and it give me that extra bit of protein that my body needs. 



Which brings me to my next point… what’s the best protein powder?

Life's Abundance Plant Protein Powder

I have literally tried at least 10 different kinds of protein powder and so many of them are “meh.” If the taste is OK, then I find that they upset my stomach. I recently tried Life’s Abundance Plant Protein, and this is by far my favorite. It doesn’t give me that chalky taste and my stomach likes it. I feel like it even adds a little bit of taste to the smoothie that enhances the overall flavor. 

So, I want to give YOU a chance to try out my favorite… a giveaway to win your very own bag of Life’s Abundance Vanilla Plant Protein. Good luck! 🙂 

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This giveaway is sponsored by yours truly and these opinions are my own. Life’s Abundance has no idea I am hosting this giveaway. 🙂

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