If you watch one video today, it needs to be this one:


Not only is it super adorable (and guaranteed to make you smile… yes, even on Monday), but as an extra bonus, each view means that Puppy Chow will donate one pound of food to an animal shelter in the U.S. 


Now on to last week’s workouts! I am super excited because I feel like I actually have a solid update for you guys. Last week was my first “official” week of training and I felt like I pretty much worked out the entire week, and when I wasn’t working out, I was sleeping. 

Such is the life of marathon training, right? 




Dell Match Play | Austin, TX

This was such a fun day — I had the opportunity to go to the PGA Tour in Austin, and it was a blast. I got lots of exercise from walking the course. 🙂




Post-workout selfie - Crazy Running Girl


No morning run, but I did do Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) after work and oh my goodness, it was a HARD one. I think I was sore for three days afterwards. I’m always reminded of that saying (which is more like my mantra these days): If it doesn’t change you, it doesn’t challenge you. 




Crazy Running Girl | Track workout

Track workout! This was the first track workout that I’ve done in a LONG time. I did Yassos (10x800m + warm up /cool down) for a total of 8 miles. You can read more about that HERE





Oh My Quad | Crazy Running Girl

Double workout day! Easy four mile run in the morning and OTF after work. OTF was exactly what I needed –> focus on arms and shoulders. The thing I love most about doing these workouts is the results that I’m seeing… it took me a LONG time to see these changes, but now that they are starting to pop, I see more and more and it’s such a great feeling. 




Post-workout selfie | Crazy Running Girl


Thursdays will be mid-run day moving forward, working all the way up to 14 miles over training. This week, it was only six miles and it didn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would after OTF the night before. 




Rest day! And it felt so good.




Brushy Creek Trail | Austin, TX


So, funny story. On Saturdays, I play flag football with some coworkers and it’s also my long run day. I ended up oversleeping a little bit but didn’t think it was going to be a big deal. I was about halfway through my run (out and back) and realized that I was going to be SUPER late if I didn’t pick up the pace.

That’s how my 17 miler because a fast finish run… I was pretty much at marathon pace for the last 4 miles or so. It didn’t feel like death, so that’s a bonus. 

And, I ended up only being 5 minutes late for flag football. And caught two passes! Woo!


Total mileage for the week is 29, not including the mileage that I rack up at OTF (usually about 2-3 miles depending on the workout). Getting back into track workouts was the big win, and I can’t wait to see what this week brings!

And lastly, a quote to get you going this Monday:

Inspirational quote on giving up | Crazy Running Girl


Anyone else marathon training? What marathon? 

What was your favorite moment of your weekend? Did anyone race?

If you had to choose one —> puppies or kittens? 

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