So, one of my goals this year is to try something new every single month… you know, push the boundaries and go outside of my comfort zone. So far, I’ve:


And for April, I decided to treat myself with a facial. I have never even really thought about getting a facial and I’m not quite sure what made me interested in getting one in the first place but one day, I found myself on Yelp searching for a good place to go in Austin. I came across Earth + Sun Skin Therapy and had an appointment with Abby this past weekend.

What it’s like getting a facial

It started the way that I thought, with a consultation talking about what I wanted to get out of it. I really just wanted to say, make my skin look pretty? But instead, went with the even out the skin tone and help me not get wrinkles. 

From there, it was a bunch of cleanses and exfoliants that all felt really different on my skin. Some felt like I had olive oil caked on my face, and another (probably my favorite) was like I had someone drop and explode Pop Rocks all over. 

We got to talking about eyebrow tinting… I have never done it, I’ve never really considered it and honestly I was a little scared by it. Ha! <– yes, I’m a nerd

Anyways, she convinced me to give it a shot and see. Since I have blonde eyebrows, you really can’t see them so eyebrow tinting I think actually turned out to look really cool. Abby also tinted my eyelashes! Mascara is the one thing that I can’t leave the house without, so I am excited to see what this is like over the next few weeks (it’s supposed to last about six weeks). 

To show you the difference (facial + tinting), here’s the before:

Before getting a facial | Crazy Running Girl


And the after:

After getting a facial | Crazy Running Girl

Overall, I thought getting a facial was a good experience and I would definitely go back for another one… and maybe make it part of how I take care of my skin. Honestly, I am not very good with it since I’ve gotten over the whole high school acne days. Now I really don’t want to mess with it because I don’t want to anger it, ha! The one thing I do is put moisturizer on every day, but I could probably do more to keep it looking healthy (especially because I feel like as a runner, it really gets the brunt of the elements). 


Also I must mention —> this is not a sponsored post in any way (Abby has no clue that I write a blog); it’s just something different I tried and wanted to share my experience in case you were curious too!


Have you ever gotten a facial? What did you think?

Do you do eyebrow/eyelash tinting? 


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