Welcome to another edition of Running Coaches’ Corner! This link up is hosted by yours truly, Rachel, Susie and Debbie to share tips and tricks for our favorite, running! This month, we are moving to Wednesdays and talking all about nutrition!

For the past few years, every time I train for a marathon, I basically feel like this:

Marathon training has me like...

SO much hunger, so much need for food. The hangry is real. 

But honestly, so much of it wasn’t the fact that I wasn’t getting enough calories. It was because I was getting the wrong type of calories. Back then (when we walked uphill both ways to school too, btw), I used to live on cereal for breakfast. The issue with cereal, or at least the cereal I was eating, is that it didn’t have the nutrients I needed to stay full. 

So, I would eat about 300 calories for breakfast, and 1.5 hours later, turn into Mr. Beast up there. 

What I’ve learned since then is that quality is far more important than quantity, especially if you want to get rid of the hangry.

Sort of like this chicken-crust pizza I tried the other night:

Chicken-crust pizza | Crazy Running Girl

(It’s actually really good, once you get used to the idea that you are eating chicken and not bread.)


This marathon training cycle, I’m building up the amount of protein that I eat. Why? Because it keeps my body full for longer and it’s good for muscle growth and maintenance. 

For instance, my breakfast now consists of a smoothie + two hardboiled eggs and it works perfect. 

I’ve ditched the soda (woohoo!), chips, candy and all the foods that taste good but my body is like, what in the world do you expect me to do with this? It does nothing for me. NOTHING. 

As I note everytime I talk about this –> it does not mean that you won’t see me eating some junk food every once in awhile. Life is about balance. But you can’t kill the hanger if you are living on empty calories. 



How to pick the right snacks to get rid of the hangry

Snacking is also important to get rid of the hangry, but you need the RIGHT snacks. I used to eat snacks every four hours, whether or not I was hungry, because I read research that you must eat every four hours or your metabolism slows down. Well, whatever, I think it’s more important to just eat when you are hungry vs. because some scientific study tells you to. 

I’ve changed the quality of my snacks, too. As much as I love Goldfish crackers, they, again, don’t do much to get rid of the hangry. 

Some of my favorite snack combos right now:

  • Apple + handful of almonds or almond butter
  • Hummus + carrots
  • Hardboiled egg or two
  • Avocado on toast


…and, I am totally digging a newly created protein balls recipe!

Honey Craisin Protein Balls Recipe | Crazy Running Girl


I made them this past weekend and they are such an easy way to grab some protein, especially when you are on the go. Plus, they are super easy to make and don’t require the oven or anything like that. I also love recipes like this because they are super easy to modify to the ingredients that you have on hand (I’m not a huge fan of chocolate so chose the Craisins, but you could totally swap that for chocolate chips). 


Here’s the Honey Craisin Protein Balls recipe:

Easy peasy recipe for a high-protein snack, perfect for runners! from Crazy Running Girl


Honey Craisin Protein Balls Recipe | Crazy Running Girl 


What’s your favorite way to snack? 

How do you get rid of the hanger? 


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