It may not be the next race on my calendar (yay Longhorn 10k this weekend!), but it’s a monster race… Ragnar Austin 2016!

I ran my first Ragnar 3.5 years ago with the most awesome group of ladies in NY. We ran Ragnar Adirondacks and it was an amazing experience and weekend. 



This time around, I am running on my company’s team with my coworkers and I am super excited because nobody else has run Ragnar before so it’ll be fun to experience it with them!

We just finished assigning out the legs, and I am doing another ultra Ragnar (two runners’ legs) so my mileage is going to be pretty solid over the course of 27-ish hours:



I will be looking forward to that last segment for sure! 

I am also super pumped for the team shirts that we ordered [sneak peek!]:



Beyond that, my prep for Ragnar Austin includes:

  • A 20 miler this weekend: Alright, so this is more so because I’m running a marathon in about 10 weeks (!!!) but I do think this will be good prep for Ragnar. I feel like once you knock out 20 miles on a training plan, anything under 15 miles just doesn’t seem as serious. Perspective, right?


  • Stocking up on my favorite snacks: We’ll be living in a van over the course of the race, so having the right food will be crucial. Last time, I came up with some pretty interesting combinations. This time around, I plan on stocking us up with some Honey Stingers and PROBARs! I really want some popcorn too…


  • Stashing some extra sleep: Let’s face it, when you run any Ragnar, your sleep is pretty limited. Sure, they have the official sleep stations and you can grab a minute or two in the van, but it’s not any quality sleep (which is part of the experience). So, naps will be my top priority this weekend.


  • Getting my outfits ready: We aren’t going to do any crazy costumes, but I love the idea of packing your leg outfits in ziploc bags. It just makes it easier to change when you need to and stay organized. So, I need to figure out what I’ll wear based on when I’m not running… as well as my sweet non-running gear. #priorities


  • Convincing myself this is good prep for an ultra: I think I found an ultra I want to run and actually ordered a training book this week! So, if I can run 34 miles over the course of 27ish hours, I can DEFINITELY tackle an ultra… am I right?! I can’t wait to see how it feels so I can gauge how prepared I am for an ultra. 


Have you run a Ragnar before? Which one? What’d you think?

Any other tips for preparing for Ragnar Austin? 

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