I love this quote for a Monday:



This weekend was so fun and random, and totally started with maybe one of the craziest ideas I’ve had. I decided that since I was running the Longhorn Run 10k on Saturday (recap tomorrow!) and I needed to get a 20 miler in, I’d just combine the two. 

I ran 11 miles, did the Longhorn Run 10k and then finished up with about three miles to get back to my car. The first 11 miles were really good and I felt strong, but after that 30 minute break waiting for the race to start, my legs hated me a little bit.



The last three miles were steady and slow, so not terrible. The entire time I was thinking that I was truly living up to the name of this blog… 😉

Also this weekend, I finally got to do something that’s been on my list for a long time: Blue Owl Brewing

Blue Owl Brewery


I’m not sure about anywhere else, but sours are the new thing here in Austin… I don’t know the best way to describe a sour beer other than it doesn’t really taste like beer and it makes the back of your cheeks hurt. But it’s SO GOOD. 

We ended up doing a brewery tour and sticking around for a few hours afterwards to finish our samples. Spirit Animal still tops my list. 


So, last week’s workouts! I am pretty happy with how the week turned out:



OTF! I’m loving doing these on Sundays because it can sometimes make me feel super rushed during the week. 




Totally overslept on Monday, awesome, but had time to do my run at night. I did a solid 4 miles with some stride outs (10). I picked these up from Advanced Marathoning — I call them slow sprints because your not supposed to go at your top speed, but rather just stretch your legs out a bit. 




I’ve designated Tuesday as track days and they are kinda becoming my favorite. They definitely are hard and suck, but there’s something about a track workout that makes you feel fast. Like how burpees make you feel like superman. 

This week, I did an 800m warm up followed by 8x400m with 200m in between and 800m cool down. After last week’s Yassos, this felt so short. 



Easy three in the AM — which was needed after track day. 



Rest day



5 miles! 




20 miles 🙂


Total mileage for the week: 36 miles (not including OTF, which generally has 2.5-3 miles per class)


I feel like my 20 miler was super solid, and it made me really excited for where I’m at in training. We’re under 10 weeks to go and I feel like I’m in a pretty solid spot. 

Also, Brooks Running sent me a special package last week:

Life the Way You Run | Medal Rack


LOVE it!! I love medal racks because they are just a great spot for inspiration. Those Boston Marathon medals… staring me in the face every single day is a good reminder of how much I want to get back there. Comeeee on 2017. 🙂


What was your favorite part of your weekend? Anyone race? 

Who loves sour beers? 

Do you have a medal rack? 

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