This year, the Longhorn Run debuted a new course for its 5k and 10k. I had heard about this race in the past, but didn’t do it in previous years because I did the Cap10k two years ago and last year, was training for the Boston Marathon. So, this year felt like a perfect time to give this race a shot!

The race is mostly for University of Texas students (it is put on by their student government and other on-campus organizations), but it’s open to alumni and Austin residents (and anyone else for that matter). I know some people will run the Longhorn Run on Saturday and then do the Cap10k that Sunday for a back-to-back race weekend. (Which I totally love this idea!)

I picked up my packet on Friday before the race and absolutely LOVED the shirts:

Longhorn Run 2016


They also had a partnership with Nike+ where you could personalize it with your name (or whatever) on the back. There were a ton of people doing this, which I thought was super cool and a fun option to have.

Like I mentioned yesterday, I am in the midst of marathon training so I had to have a bit of a crazy run before the Longhorn Run 10k. I ended up running to the start and got there about 20 minutes before hand, and hung out at the start.



The start of the race was delayed by a few minutes because of traffic on the course, but a few minutes after 8, we were off!

The first few miles, we ran without the 5k participants and did loops around downtown — lots of corners and turns. It wasn’t my favorite, and I was starting to get annoyed by the course until we passed mile 2 and met up with the 5k runners and ran through campus. We were with the 5k’ers for about 1.5 miles or so, and then split off and went our own way to get our extra mileage. Fun fact: it’s actually the same road that you run for the 3M Half Marathon, only the opposite direction. So you know how that race talks about “downhill to downtown”? Yeah, we were definitely going uphill away from downtown… 

Finally, we turned around and headed back on campus and my legs decided to wake up so I kicked it into gear (kinda, whatever you call “kicking into gear” at this point) and finished in a time of 53:43… exactly where I wanted to be. I was aiming for about 54-55 minutes, since this is a training run, so super happy that I was so close to being right in that range. 

Overall, I thought the race was well organized and it was a lot of fun. I did not love all of the hills, but it’s campus and Austin so that’s to be expected… and they only make you stronger, right?! It would be fun to come back and run this race again and actually RACE it (which is what I always say when I use races as a training run). 


Have you ever run a race as a training run? Do you ever do back-to-back races? 

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