This week I was in Boston for work and it was a little bittersweet. I did get to do a few sweet runs around the city early in the AM, I miss it being light in the morning! Soon…

Early morning run in Boston


Anyways, I wanted to be there for the Boston Marathon this year, but I was a little too slow with my qualifying time. But maybe the most frustrating thing about the situation is all the evidence coming out about people who have cheated to get in… I really don’t understand why you would cheat for something that is mostly a personal accomplishment, and you are taking it away from others who deserve it because they put in the work and made it happen. Karma, people, karma. 

Anyways, I had a chance to check out the Boston Marathon start line and it looks great:

2016 Boston Marathon Finish Line


So excited for everyone who gets to run across this on Monday!

I also swung by Janji’s pop-up store, which is located just a few blocks away. 

Janji Pop Up Store | Boston, MA


If you’re not familiar with Janji, they are a super awesome company and one of my favorite brands. With each piece of running apparel (or accessory) sold, they donate clean water to someone in need in a third-world country. I also love that their designs are inspired by these countries, like Kenya, Ethiopia and Peru. 


This article

Holocaust Survivor, Runner's World

So amazing. 


Lastly, I cannot believe that tomorrow kicks off Ragnar Austin! More details on this race and plans in tomorrow’s blog post, but I’m really excited to be tackling another Ragnar. I am running two legs, for a total of 34 miles, so it’s going to be a little crazy! I think it’ll be great for marathon training, and can’t wait to see how pretty the countryside is that we run through. Look for lots of pictures on my Instagram!


What do you think about all the reports of cheating? 

Have you ever heard of Janji? What are your other favorite brands that “do good”? 

Who’s racing this weekend!? Details!

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