I cannot believe that today kicks off Ragnar Austin! This race snuck up on me pretty quickly, but I’m super pumped for it and think it’ll be a great way to switch up the long run for marathon training. To kick off the race, I am linking up with Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC to talk about the five favorite things I’m bringing with me to Ragnar Austin. 

I think one of the biggest challenges about running Ragnar is figuring out what you should pack. Since I’m lucky enough to have this be my second Ragnar, I do remember some of the things that were super useful before and of course, the things that I wish I would have brought. 

So here you have it:




Since we’re going to be confined in our vans and I’m not sure how readily available food will be (although since we’ll be in the Hill Country, it might be a little tempting to snack on some BBQ), I’m stocking up on PROBAR across the board… from Bolts to the Meal Replacement bars so I have enough fuel to get me through.

I might share.



2. The Stick!



We had one of these in our van last time I ran Ragnar, and it was a necessity. My first leg for Ragnar Austin is really long — about 14 miles — so I am definitely going to need to roll it out in order to survive the next legs after that. 


3. Baby wipes

This is a new edition to my packing list this year, but I’ve heard from other runners it’s a must. You know, because there aren’t necessarily showers waiting for you on the course… so these are a great alternative. I’ll let you know how that goes. 🙂


4. Brooks Run-Thru Pant

Brooks Run-Thru Pant


My friends at Brooks Running sent me these pants a few weeks ago and I am so in love with them! They are perfect for lounging around in, and I’m excited to rock these in between legs when I need to give my body some rest. I have the matching top for them too, which is even better. So looking forward to relaxing in these!


5. Janji Viento Windbreaker

Janji Viento Windbreaker


Speaking of favorite gear, I am definitely packing this windbreaker because it’s supposed to be a little rainy tomorrow. I splurged on this a few weeks ago and haven’t yet tried it out, so I’m excited to see how it does! 


Have you ever run Ragnar? Which one? 

What else would you have on your packing list? 

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