Happy happy Monday, and more importantly happy Marathon Monday! 


So excited for those that are about to toe the start and journey the 26.2 miles to Boston! I can’t wait to be back there next year. 


As I mentioned last week, I ran my second Ragnar on Friday and Saturday. Definitely more on this later this week, but it was an amazing experience (as expected) and I ended up tallying up 34.17 miles over the 21 hours between my first one and last run. Biggest learning? I think I’m ready to tackle an ultra. 


More on this tomorrow 🙂


Last week’s workouts were a little off track with where I wanted to be. I had to travel to Boston for work, so it kinda messed up my training schedule but with Ragnar, I didn’t freak out too much… it happens. So anyways, here you go:




OTF! This month, Orangetheory is doing a half marathon, marathon and ultra challenge where you tally up how much you run on the treadmill (I usually do between 2.5-3 miles) over the course of the month and they have some awesome swag you can get if you conquer your goal. Given my travel schedule and work stuff this month, I opted for the half marathon and I’m up to about 6 miles. I think if I have two more solid workouts, I would definitely hit that 13.1 number. 










5 miles. I skipped speedwork day and went out for a solid five miles. It’s hard to do speedwork when you aren’t in a place that you are familiar with, and I know that you can do it on a treadmill (might have to do it this week given the weather and my schedule)… butttt I just wasn’t feeling it. 




Early morning run in Boston


Another solid 5 miles. I ran with some coworkers while I was in Boston and it was so good to have some company while running on some random streets! We went up the Charles and it was so gorgeous. I never really get a chance to run in Boston when I visit for the marathon since it’s all focused on marathon day, so it’s fun to finally see how the non-marathon running side of the city. 




Rest day




Exchange 31, Ragnar Relay Austin

Ragnar! In all, I ran 34.17 miles. Woo! Like I said, more on this tomorrow. 🙂


Total, I ran about 44.17 miles last week (not including Orangetheory). This is right in line where I need to be, even though my workouts were a little all over the place. Excited to get back on track with training this week… especially speed work!


And because, Monday motivation:



Do you know anyone running Boston today? Anyone going to cheer on the runners? 

What was your favorite part of your weekend? 

Ultra runners! How did you know you were ready to tackle one? 



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