I can’t believe it’s already Thursday… 

You say Thursday. I say Friday Eve. | Someecards

Mostly because I was supposed to have my Ragnar Austin recap up earlier this week and haven’t gotten around to it yet! I feel like it’s going to be a huge race recap, so I need to wait on it for a few days to make sure I don’t forget any details. Coming soon. 🙂


Earlier this week I finally joined the world and got an iPhone. I had one a really long time ago and moved over to Samsung, but seriously was having the worst experiences ever… aka my entire battery would die in about four hours even if I wouldn’t touch my phone. I used to like Samsung a lot because I liked how you could mess with the interface to make it what you wanted, but seriously, just not worth it (especially since all the good apps seem to be on the iPhone). 

So yay! Excited to be back in the iPhone nation (and iMessage is pretty much the best). 


In one week, I’ll be here:

Curacao Beach


CRAZY. I am headed to Curacao with one of my BFFs and looking forward to a long weekend in the sun and exploring the little island. The beaches look insanely beautiful, so follow me on Instagram and you’ll feel like it’s an issue of Nat Geo. You’re welcome. 

We seriously have no plans while we’re there, and I’m so excited. I feel like that’s how you have to do the Caribbean. I’m sure we’ll uncover some adventures along the way, but it should be pretty awesome. And with how crazy life has been, it’s definitely necessary. 


I hope that I’m this awesome when I’m 70:



Absolutely incredible. 


iPhone users —> favorite apps? 

Where are you vacationing next? When? 

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