This weekend, my friend Crystal came to visit me in Austin. 


We’ve been friends for more than six years! I met her when I lived in Florida way back when. I love when people come to visit me because it gives me an excuse to be a tourist in my own city, which is never a bad thing. I knocked a few things off my bucket list –> like eating BBQ at Cooper’s BBQ out in Llano (you hit the city limits, and all you can smell is BBQ, it’s crazy) and dropping by Bluebonnet Cafe in Marble Falls for some pie. 

Chuy's Happy Hour


Barbecue at Coopers in Llano, Texas


Lake LBJ | Texas


Brunch buffet at Red's Porch | Austin, TX


Brushy Creek Trail | Cedar Park, TX

We did a ton of other fun stuff like hiking Sculpture Falls on the Greenbelt and also hitting my new favorite trail, Brushy Creek. All in all, a solid weekend. 



And now, it’s back to reality! Since last weekend was crazy with my 34 miles at Ragnar, I decided that I should simmer it down a little bit this weekend to give my legs a break so my long run was a nice and easy eight miles on Friday. I took rest days (minus the hiking) on Saturday and yesterday, and am getting back into it today. I need to figure out what my training will look like for the rest of the week because I leave for Curacao on THURSDAY! 

Anyways, last week’s workout recaps:

Sunday: rest day. totally needed after Ragnar craziness. 🙂




5 miles with 10×100 stride outs. My legs were still a little trashed from Ragnar so pretty sure the stride outs felt fast, but were nowhere near where I thought they were. 

Tuesday: rest day. 🙂



5.3 miles –> about .75 miles warm up with 10x400m with 200m break in between and cool down to make a total of 5.3 miles. This run was really cool because it was thundering and lightning while I was running and I could feel the storm rolling in. Towards the end, it started to rain and it cooled down like 10 degrees!

I love doing shorter sprints like this during marathon training because it not only gives your legs some extra speed, it just feels good to do some short bursts. 



Orangetheory Fitness workout summary

Started the day with an easy four mile run and finished it up with Orangetheory. I hate when work and life gets crazy and I can’t get in my solid 2x of OTF (I skipped Sunday’s because my legs were so dead, which was probably the best decision)… so I knew this was going to be one that makes me sore for awhile. 

The one thing I noticed was that my heartrate was having a hard time getting into the orange zone, which usually isn’t a problem for me. I think marathon training is having some positive effects on that now… 





8 miles! I got up early to get this rolling before work and it felt good to have my long run done before the weekend even started. I think my body was more happy that I wasn’t going to make it run this weekend. 🙂 (I often bring in an easy training week midway through the training plan just to give it a break that it needs.)



Sculpture Falls in Austin, TX


3.5 miles hiking –> this was on the Sculpture Falls trail part of Barton Creek Greenbelt, and is probably my favorite part of the Greenbelt that I’ve experienced so far. So pretty! And with all the rain we got last week, the falls were rushing with water, which was awesome. 


25.8 miles total, if you count Saturday hiking. A nice and easy week that my legs needed… especially since we are only 8 WEEKS OUT from Grandma’s Marathon! Seriously, this is coming up SO FAST and I am so excited for it. Sub-3:30 babyyy!


What was the favorite part of your weekend? 

What’s the best “touristy” thing there is to do where you live? 

How many miles did you get in last week? 

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