So after slacking a little bit these past few weeks, I am definitely back in the swing of marathon training. I wouldn’t say I was slacking completely, but it was just a little hard to be as dedicated as I wanted to be. Today I started with a 12 miler… 

…and it was HUMID. I feel like I woke up in Houston or something! I love Austin because usually we don’t have the humidity but the past few weeks have been awful. I try to think of it more as a — it makes me stronger — because I know that even if it’s humid in Duluth on marathon day, it will not be even close to the conditions that we have down here in TX.


Speaking of Grandmas Marathon, this year is the race’s 40th anniversary (hence why it sold out as fast as it did!) and as part of that, each runner gets a special commemorative jacket. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get one since I registered via a bib transfer, but mine came in the mail last week!

Grandma's Marathon, 40th anniversary participant jacket | Crazy Running Girl



Since I’m not traveling like crazy this week (OMG so happy to not be in an airport!), I’ve been able to experience some of my favorite things in Austin. The other night I went kayaking with one of my friends on Lady Bird Lake.

Getting ready to kayak | Crazy Running Girl


I wish I was brave enough to bring my phone on the kayak, because it was absolutely gorgeous and we even saw a crane eat a fish. Plus lots and lots of turtles (I really wanted to kidnap one of the baby ones). 

Also ventured to Verts

VERTS | Crazy Running Girl


So this restaurant is interesting (it’s fast casual), because when they first launched they were all about the German-inspired kebap… but in the past few months, they’ve completely rebranded as a Mediterranean grill. It’s still the same idea, some different ingredients, but still tastes pretty amazing. Just an interesting switch and rebrand. From what I know, it was started by two UT grads so I wonder if the rebrand means they are getting ready to take it national… 


And well, this technically makes it four things Thursday, but how cute is this face!?

Jax, Maine Coon | Crazy Running Girl


Have you ever heard of VERTS? What’s your favorite fast casual place? 

What’s the best race swag you’ve ever received? 

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