I was surfing Facebook when I came across this over the weekend:



I cannot believe how quickly Grandma’s Marathon is coming up! I am getting really excited (and nervous) for it. I feel really strong and that this may be THE ONE where I finally get my sub-3:30 (especially after dealing with some humid workouts last week, more on that later). 

Besides having a 20 miler this weekend (!!!), it was filled with lots of random fun adventures. My company has a flag football league that I’ve been playing on for the past few weeks. This was our last game before playoffs, A group of us hit up Jester King Brewery, which is out in Hill Country, and even though the weather looked like this:

Jester King Brewery on a rainy day | Crazy Running Girl


It was a lot of fun (that’s how you know you’re hanging out with a great group of people!). I’ve been out there a few times, but I’ve never had the pizza that they have there and OMG IT IS AMAZING. I wish I would have thought to take a picture of it but totally was too hangry. 

Argus Cidery in Austin, TX | Crazy Running Girl


We headed over to Argus Cidery, which had some very interesting flavor combinations (ginger, agave, pineapple?) and then we continued our way to Blue Owl Brewery, which may be topping my list of favorite breweries in Austin. They serve sour beers, which are so delicious (but I get that not everyone loves them). Lastly, we ended up at one of my favorite divey spots in Austin – Gourmands – for some amazing sandwiches . (<– there you go, how to spend a day in Austin, ha!)

(The art of visiting breweries: splitting flights. Because then you wake up without a hangover the next day. 🙂 You’re welcome.)


Last week’s workouts

I love how last week’s workouts went! It was a little tough because it’s been so rainy here (rain = humidity, gross). Anyways:


Sculpture Falls in Austin, TX | Crazy Running Girl


Before Steph left town, we had a morning filled with working out… we did an easy three miles in my neighborhood and then we headed over to the Barton Creek Greenbelt for some hiking. We checked out Twin Falls and Sculpture Falls. Our hike was really fast on the way back thanks to the rain. 🙂



Rest day! I was supposed to run on Monday, but it turned into a more stressful day than I thought… and instead, I opted to sleep. A lot. Which is fine. Sometimes you need to listen to what your body needs and not push through… even though I realize that’s a fine line. I was also supposed to do OTF and ended up canceling that too.  





Back at it with some speedwork! I did a .5 mile warm up, 3x1600m with 400m rest in between and .5 mile cool down. I did this on the treadmill again in the gym, and it was weird because I felt like it was so humid in there! My paces were pretty solid — 6:49, 6:44 and 6:44. If you would have told me a year ago at this time that I would have been whipping those out on the treadmill, I would have told you that you were crazy!



I finished the day with some kayaking fun on Town Lake! We went away from the city and it’s amazing how quickly it turns into a peaceful retreat. We saw a ton of turtles, some fish jumping and a super pretty crane! I need to do that more often (plus it’s a good workout for these t-rex arms). 





An easy EASY 5-mile run. I posted my Garmin time above on Instagram to emphasize the point of running EASY. I feel like we skip this so often because we think we need to go hard all the time. Easy runs are needed by your body — yes, some people call them junk miles — but they are amazing at helping you get the miles in without pushing your body towards an injury. 




I created my own training plan this time around, but this is one of the elements that I took from my Pfitzinger plans I’ve used in the past — a mid-distance run in the middle of the week.

It was 12 miles, super humid and a little overwhelming before I got started. But as soon as I finished, I was so happy that I did it (isn’t that the case with 90% of all runs?!). 


Oh, and I finished it up with some OTF after work… which was a little brutal. I didn’t push myself too hard on the treadmill (because, 12 miles), but it was good to get some arm work in. 



Kitten my run on | Crazy Running Girl


Since I took a rest day on Monday, I pushed my workouts and switched my Friday rest day… instead, I ran an easy four miles. 

On those days when I don’t feel like running, I try to motivate myself with ridiculous running shirts. I bought another one yesterday on TeeSpring, and opted to wear the one above — kitten my run on — for Friday’s run. It’s so superficial and silly, but hey, if it works to get you out the door, it totally counts. 





20 miles! This is the second 20 miler that I’ve done for this training cycle and it went really well. I averaged about a 9:17 per mile pace, which is exactly where I want to be. I did have a pretty bad side ache for a few miles, which was really annoying, but happy that I pushed through (even though I wanted to walk so bad). I think 20 milers are just as important mentally as they are physically because they are fuel for the mind when things get tough around mile 16, 17, 18. 

49 total miles for the week not including OTF/hiking miles.

I have a few more weeks of building miles before I start taper, and I hope that I can say I feel this good after each of those weeks! 

This week I’m looking forward to not running a 20 miler on Saturday and also, a 5k next Sunday! I’m running for fun and am looking forward to experiencing the race atmosphere once again. 🙂


Breweries: Love them or hate them? Favorite kind of beer? 

On those rough days… what motivates you to get out there and workout/run? 

Do you prefer the city or the country? 

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