I only have one full week of training before I get into taper mode for Grandma’s Marathon. WHAT? How did that happen? This race is sneaking up so quickly! Based on last week’s training, I feel like I’m in a pretty good spot so I hope it stays that way. Let’s do this sub-3:30!

Before I get into last week’s training —> one of the things I was thinking about is perspective. Perspective feeds into all areas of our lives, from our workouts to work to our personal relationships. 

Last week was a little rough for a few different reasons, and I had a few moments where I was all “woe is me” and feeling sorry for myself. I hate feeling that way. On my long run on Thursday, I had a lot of time to think about it (that’s what 13 miles will do for you) and decided enough was enough, and it was time to flip my perspective. 

Instead of why me think try me | Crazy Running Girl


It takes work and it takes time, but it’s better than spiraling down into a realm of negativity. So here we go, positive perspective. 



Last week’s workouts!




OTF! My legs were a little dead from the 20 miler the day before, so I didn’t push it too hard. At the end, there was an optional 30 minute stretch and I skipped out as soon as I heard optional. I need to figure out how to find my love for that!



An easy, easy four miles to kick off the week! My average pace was 10:55/min per mile, which is right where I need to be for my slow and easy runs. 





Track day! I am so proud of myself for this workout. I did 5x1600m repeats with 400m rest in between and 800m warm up and cool down for a total of just over 7 miles. My paces were 6:58, 6:58, 6:53, 6:53 and 6:48. 





Easy five miles in the rain… seriously, I am so tired of this weather! When did I wake up and relocate to Houston!?





Mid-distance run for the week… just over 13 miles at an average of 9:17/min per mile. When I woke up just after 5 a.m., the weather wasn’t too bad… but it was sprinkling so I grabbed my trucker hat. I’m pretty sure I ended up looking like a crazy (well, I guess that makes sense given the name of the blog) because on my way back with about five miles to go, it started downpouring. The water was up to my ankles! At least my running shoes now look super clean… 🙂 

And then I capped off the day with some OTF. My legs were a little dead from the morning, so I didn’t push it too hard on the treadmill… but it felt good to lift some weights and work on my arm muscles. 



Ramen Tatsu-ya | Crazy Running Girl


Rest day 🙂 And to prep for my long run on Saturday, went out for some ramen… SO GOOD. I think I may need to use this meal to fuel come race day. 



Running Spicewood Springs in Austin, TX | Crazy Running Girl


18 mile run! I finished with an average of about 9:33/min per mile. I was not feeling this run at all, so I’m proud that it was as strong as it was. You know how sometimes you wake up and you are all like, I’m going to crush this workout today? Yep, this was not one of those days. It probably took a good three miles before my mind was ready to commit, and towards the end, I felt really strong. Success! Only one more long run to go before taper!

Crawfish boil! | Crazy Running Girl


And to celebrate, a crawfish boil! I thought I missed this boat this year, so I was excited that it wasn’t the case. So much work, but so yummy!


In all, I ran 47.5 miles for the week (not including the mileage during Orangetheory Fitness). A really solid training week! I’m going into my highest mileage for the week this week, so I’m feeling good with such a strong week before it. Here we come Grandma’s!!

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What was your favorite workout last week? Do you stretch often? 

Favorite pre-race meal? 

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