I haven’t been home to visit my family since NOVEMBER since last year, and it was time to change that! I am originally from Wisconsin and flying into this state is like going to an exotic island because flights are always so ridiculously expensive. Not kidding – when we went to Curacao at the end of April, my flight was less than $100 more than what I typically spend to fly into any Wisconsin airport. I think they want to make sure too many foreigners don’t steal our cheese.

Squeaky cheese curds from Dupont Cheese | Crazy Running Girl


Anyways, I headed back home on Thursday and speaking of cheese, that was the first thing that we did (after eating ice cream, it is the Dairy State after all). The cheese curds were SO FRESH because apparently they make them on Thursdays so they were in prime squeak range. It’s okay, only people in Wisconsin understand how amazing this really is.

The weekend was filled with a lot of random fun: from going to my niece’s PTA picnic and celebrating her 11th birthday; to learning how to play pickleball with my aunt and uncles; to spurring a Settlers of Catan addiction in my nephew; to setting off Chinese lanterns and making wishes that better come true ASAP; to trying out yard dice; to doing a 20-mile run and successfully not getting eaten by a bear; and wrapping up with a 26-mile bike ride with my sister and brother-in-law.

26 mile bike ride | Crazy Running Girl

Dupont Cheese in Wisconsin | Crazy Running Girl


Yard dice in Wisconsin | Crazy Running Girl

All in all, it was quite amazing and the best way to spend this Memorial Day weekend (especially since Austin has adopted Houston weather, kthxbai). I am always waiting for the time when I go home and my niece and nephew don’t think I’m the coolest person in the world, because now that they are a teen and pre-teen, you know that day is coming and until then, I will enjoy all the hugs and moments that I get.


So, last week was peak week for Grandma’s Marathon. I was scheduled to run 51 miles, but ended up running a bit more than that even with a dumb calf.

Anyways, a recap of peak week:



Deutschen Fest 5k | Crazy Running Girl


5k to pace a friend to under 30 minutes! You can read the entire recap HERE.





Four mile walk with Casey since my calf started its angry torment early in the week. We walked some hills and caught up on life, and it was exactly what I needed to kick off my week. (Funny story, Casey and I met freshman year in college at the University of Minnesota when we randomly lived on the same floor in the dorms. Fast forward 10 years, and we ended up back in the same city again. Love how that works.)




Post Yassos | Crazy Running Girl


I need to stop relying on the track that I used to run (OK, like three times) because it is not reliable. The past few times I’ve tried to run there, it’s been randomly closed with no explanation. Annoying.

Anyways, It was track day and I also had OTF scheduled today because it was the only day when I could squeeze it in with everything else going on. I totally pulled one of my pet peeves – I showed up for the weight lifting portion of the class and left so I could go run.

I ended up doing 10x800m with 400m rest in between and 800m w/u and c/d for 8.5 miles total. It was a TERRIBLE run. You can read more here.



#Runfie | Crazy Running Girl

So, I did the smartest thing possible and less than 12 hours after a terrible track workout, I ran 14 miles. I woke up at 4:30 a.m. and did some mock running in my living room (sorry downstairs neighbors) and it felt fine, so I ventured out on the 14 miles.

Afterwards, it did not feel good and I silently cursed myself for the rest of the morning for potentially injuring it more.



En route to Wisconsin | Crazy Running Girl


Flying to Wisconsin! Planned rest day.




#Runfie | Crazy Running Girl


I went for an easy four mile run, and my calf started hurting about two miles in. My mom kept me company on her bike, which was pretty awesome! Even if my calf made me want to cry.




Pickleball! | Crazy Running Girl


I made the decision to take a rest day and not do my 20 miler at about 8:30 a.m. and at 9:20 a.m., made the decision to try out pickleball with my aunt, uncles and my dad. Now most people would think this is a stupid idea since it does involve some running, but it sounded like a fun opportunity and my leg didn’t hurt that bad. Plus, afterwards, it kinda went away so maybe pickleball was the right cure.



#Runfie | Crazy Running Girl


OK, so I’m kinda cheating because I’m adding in Sunday when the week wraps up on Saturday, but this was necessary since I pushed my long run to Sunday because my leg was STILL hurting when I woke up on Saturday. NOT COOL.

Anyways, I woke up nice and early on Sunday and decided to head down one of the country roads that I grew up driving a LOT because my grandparents lived on it. My hometown is about 1,200 people, so it was super refreshing to run on a major “highway” and only encounter a handful of cars over the course of my 20 mile run. I think I saw more deer than cars over the course of my three-hour run.

My calf was a little angry the first few miles, but got over itself and felt amazingly the rest of the run and didn’t even hurt afterwards. Major win!

Another great thing about this run? It felt so EASY. After training in the Austin weather for the past few months, running in the Midwest felt like a treat. I hope this feeling continues come race day.


I have no idea what was going on with my calf; I have a feeling it may have been a light sprain (is that an option?) but the most important thing is that it’s GONE and it feels great. Injuries are the worst thing to deal with, especially during marathon training, so I’m happy that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. In all I ran (and walked) 53.6 miles last week.

Let the taper crazies begin!



How was your Memorial Day weekend? Did you travel – where did you go?

What’s your favorite food? I’m pretty sure mine is cheese.

Have you ever played pickleball?

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