Every year, Runner’s World hosts the RW Run Streak between Memorial Day and Fourth of July, and also between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The idea is that you are to run at least one mile a day, every single day, as a way to get inspired and moving.



I did this one year when I lived in Brooklyn, and even ended up getting quoted in Runner’s World because of my dedication to getting it done (one day to get my mile in, I ran it 15 minutes after getting home from getting my wisdom teeth pulled. Sometimes I make really good decisions). That was all for naught because I ended up with some really nasty foot pain and had to stop running every single day.

Some people have mixed opinions about the RW Run Streak. Some people think it’s a horrible idea because it’s putting your body under an immense amount of pressure that it can’t handle, and thus, ends in injury. Others think it’s a great way to help you stay accountable during summer and the holiday season, which inevitably are the two busiest times of year.

I think if you are going to try the RW Run Streak, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that it’s a success:

How to survive the #RWRunStreak | Crazy Running Girl


1) It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

I know, so cliché. But so true! The RW Run Streak is a marathon… you need to make sure you are pacing yourself and your mileage appropriately so you can make it through. Make sure you are following the 10% rule à not increasing your mileage OR time running (whichever you tend to measure your runs in) by no more than 10% each week. This will help prevent injury.

On top of that, pay attention to your pace. Experts say that 80% of your runs should be easy and 20% should be hard. Follow that rule, especially if you are running every day. Run slow, and then ask yourself if you can run slower, and run even slower than that.


2) Plan in out.

Fail to plan, plan to fail. (I’m just full of clichés today.) This is one of my favorite sayings because it is SO TRUE on so many levels. If you are pursuing the RW Run Streak, make a plan for you to stick with it.

If you are a runner that typically runs 4-5 days per week, I recommend taking a look at one of your easy runs and spreading that mileage on the days when you are not typically running. Since you only have to run at least one mile per day, don’t turn every day into a 10-mile run.

Maybe it’s something like this:

Sample one-week plan for #RWRunStreak | Crazy Running Girl
The most important thing for the RW Run Streak? Listen to your body. It’s a fun challenge, but if you feel an injury coming on, don’t feel like a failure if you have to drop. It happens. Injuries suck and there’s no reason to sideline yourself for a random challenge. There will be others.This is probably the running advice that’s given the most, and also the one that’s ignored the most. Us runners are a stubborn bunch, and we often think that we can run through the pain and it’ll make it better (and sometimes it works, which doesn’t help this assumption).


Who’s streaking with Runner’s World? Have you streaked before? Any advice?  

How many rest days do you take a week? I usually aim for two complete rest days from running and one complete rest day from any type of workout.

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