Hey hey, happy Wednesday! As you may realize, today marks another edition of Running Coaches’ Corner! If you are new to Wednesdays over here at CRG, Running Coaches’ Corner is a link up held by Rachel, Debbie, Susie and yours truly where we talk about anything and everything related to running from a coach’s perspective. So, welcome!

Since I feel like we officially kicked off summer Memorial Day weekend (I know, I know… it isn’t officially summer until summer solstice on June 21, but I totally count as Memorial Day weekend) and so this month, I’ll be talking more about summer running.

Up this week? 5 reasons you need to add a summer 5k to your schedule!

 5 reasons to run a summer 5k | Crazy Running Girl


1. You don’t need a lot of training.

Couch to 5k | Crazy Running Girl


OK, before you call me crazy — hear me out on this one! 

To build up for a 5k, I don’t feel like you need to have weeks upon weeks of training in front of you. You could easily sign up for a summer 5k this weekend, no matter your fitness level, and walk or run to the finish. It’s not the ideal situation, but it can be done. 

That being said, that’s why I think that the 5k is the perfect summer distance! It can also be a really fun event for the entire family. 


2. It’s easy to find something that you’re looking for!

5k meme | Couch to 5k | Crazy Running Girl


5ks are definitely the easiest race to find on a calendar because they are short, in high demand and can be put on relatively cheap (compared to a marathon, for instance). Because of this, it can be really easy to find something that you want to run based on where you are in your training. Looking for a trail 5k? Want something that’s fast and flat? You can likely find several 5ks in just one weekend. 


3. It gives you an excuse to work on speed. 



Speed work is what makes the dream work, right? If you don’t give your body a chance to run faster, you’ll never learn how to run as fast as you want to go to hit your goals. So, take a 5k as an opportunity to build that speed and make your legs turn faster. It’s a good challenge to put in front of you. 


4. Your run can benefit something great. 



I love how most 5ks benefit a great charity! It’s easy to find something that resonates with you, especially since it seems like there are a handful of 5ks every single weekend (in nearly every city I’ve lived, there was never a shortage of 5ks that you could run). 



5. You feel amazing after you run a summer 5k!



It’s hot, it’s sweaty and most likely, you feel like you could eat an entire watermelon after a 5k. I love how amazing it feels after you cross the finish line! Running a 5k is a huge accomplishment no matter what time of year it might be, but I feel like it is even a better feeling when it comes to a summer 5k. If you haven’t done it before, don’t hold back now! 

P.S. If you live in Austin, you should join me at Fit Foodie Race WeekendIt’s a 5k that will be held on June 24, and includes a bunch of other fun activities in addition to the race! Plus, use coupon code CRAZYRUNNINGGIRL to save 10% off your Fit Foodie Race Weekend registration!

5ks —> yay or nay? Do you have any on the calendar this summer? 

What’s your favorite charity/cause? 

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