Happy happy Friday! This week seemed to be one that lasted for-ev-er and I am SO excited that it is finally the weekend! One week from tomorrow, I’ll be venturing on marathon #21 at Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN! That means that next week will be allll about marathon prep and all that jazz, so that means that today logically needs to be about food. 

So with that, I am linking up with Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC to talk about the five foods that I can’t live without right now. 


1. Green grapes!

I love me some green grapes | Crazy Running Girl


Every time I train for a marathon, I end up having the weirdest craving for some food. It’s been pretzels and animal crackers in the past. This time around? Green grapes! I don’t even want to know how many I’ve eaten this training cycle, but they are so freaking good!



2. Protein shakes!

Protein shake with Life's Abundance Plant Protein | Crazy Running Girl


OK, technically it’s a combination of foods but I am LOVING starting my day with protein shakes! I’ve been using the Life’s Abundance Plant Protein and I love the taste. I mix it in with a banana, ice, spinach, blackberries and coconut milk and it is so delicious. 



3. PROBAR Bolt

Snacking on PROBAR Bolt | Crazy Running Girl


I eat half a bag (or one full bag if it’s a run over 10 miles) of PROBAR Bolt every morning before I go for a run for a little burst of energy. I have also found myself snacking on these things like fruit snacks… they are SO tasty! I also keep them in the fridge, which makes them hard and a little stickier, but for some reason, it’s kinda my favorite. 



4. La Croix!



La Croix counts as a food, right? I tried drinking this stuff about a year ago and thought it was SO gross. That’s when I still drank Mountain Dew like it was going out of style. Since then, I’ve quit soda and I am now on the La Croix train. I probably drink two or three of these a day at work. I mean, technically it’s just water… right?!



5. Hardboiled eggs

Egg joke | Crazy Running Girl


I always have a stash of hardboiled eggs in my fridge, ready to eat! With #2, I will have two hardboiled eggs for breakfast in the morning. It keeps me stuffed until right around noon and I love that having so much protein has helped me cut down on cravings and snacking, as well as helped me lose some weight (more on that later!). I find that if I’m hangry, it’s easy just to grab one of these eggs and makes you way more full than anything else that I ever snack on. 


What are some of your favorite foods right now? Any foods you can’t live without? 

What are you looking forward to this weekend? 

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