I am SO excited that I am finally a) not traveling and b) found a race that fits for me to run my first for 4th of July! I will be traveling with Brooks a few days prior to that to see the U.S. Olympic Track Trials in Eugene (I cannot even explain how pumped I am for this trip!), but coming back just in time to tack on a 5k for 4th of July. 

I’ll be running the Freedom 5000 at Camp Mabry in Austin. Last time I ran this course, it was the Stars and Stripes 5k last Memorial Day, where I set my current 5k PR! I won’t be going for a PR, but I am just excited to finally be able to run a race on the 4th. 

One of the reasons I’m so excited? Because you obviously have to step up your outfit game when you are running a holiday race! I was surfing the web and looking for a 4th of July racing tee and couldn’t find anything that caught my eye, so I decided to make my own

Star Spangled Runner 4th of July racing tee | Crazy Running Girl

AND you can get it for yourself –> order HERE. It’s only available for the next few days, so get it before it’s gone!

PRO Compression has a new sock coming out next week that is going to be an AWESOME match to this… can’t wait to be all decked out in red, white and blue! 


Are you running a race for 4th of July? Which one? 

Do you try to “dress” for the race? 

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