One of the things that I could do better as a runner is track how many miles I put on my shoes. Typically, they say you should have between 300-500 miles per pair of shoes or 6 months, whichever occurs first. I usually go by feel (bad runner)… so when my muscles and joints start feeling a little bad, I know that my shoes are worn out and it’s time to switch. 

Brooks Glycerin 14 | Crazy Running Girl


That happened a few weeks ago and I opted to upgrade to the Brooks Glycerin 14

Brooks Glycerin 14, 13, 12 | Crazy Running Girl


I have a bit of a Glycerin obsession, no? 

I have run in the Glycerin since 2011-ish when I had a bad IT injury and it turns out, it was because my shoes weren’t cushioned enough for this heel striker. So, switched to the Glycerin, which gives me all the cushion that I need and my IT band has been happy ever since. The end. 

I’ve been running in the Glycerin 14 for a few weeks now, and there haven’t been many changes to this model compared to the previous. The biggest one that I see is that Brooks added the mesh back on top of the shoe (the Glycerin 13 was wrapped with the 3D Fit Print), which I think makes them breathe a little bit better. 

Brooks Glycerin 14 | Crazy Running Girl


A few models prior to these, Brooks made a pretty big shift with the Glycerin design and made them look more like the sleek, cool running shoes that you see today. I totally get shoe envy when I show up at races and see people in their minimalist running shoes. BUT, I know that would be a disaster for me to run in because I hit the ground wayyy too hard so I need something like the Glycerins to absorb the impact. 

Anyways, I feel like the Glycerins now match up to that and don’t look as cushioned as they are. 

Brooks Glycerin 14 | Crazy Running Girl


Speaking of the cushioning —> you could view this as a downfall for these shoes because it means that they are heavier. The trade off is definitely worth it if you need a soft, pillowy ride in your running shoes. 


What I love about the Glycerin 14

  • Brooks stayed true to this shoe so you can expect cushioning, a higher heel-to-toe drop and a roomier toe box
  • The color profiles for the Glycerin 14 are much more fun than the 13s! I love love LOVE the colors that I chose to get this time around
  • Brooks maintained the grooves in the bottom of the shoe, so you can still feel the flexibility with this shoe
  • The fit continues to be the same fit that you love about the Glycerins… making it easy to know exactly what size you should get
  • I love the update to the mesh on the top of the Glycerin 14; it makes them a little bit more breathable, which is perfect for summer running


What you may not like about the Glycerin 14 —> 

The weight. Which is to be expected when you have a shoe with this level of cushioning, but it definitely is a solid 9.2 ounces. 

There you have it! I think these are a great update to the Glycerin 13 and they will still be my go-to-shoe for long-distance running and marathon training. Think they might be a fit for you? Check THIS out why you should go get fitted for running shoes to see if they work for you. 


What shoes do you run in? Have you ever been fitted for running shoes? 

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