I can’t believe Grandma’s Marathon is TOMORROW! It feels like I was just posting on here that I wanted to run Grandma’s Marathon and if anyone had a bib they wanted to give up, I would totally take it (so happy Lisa made this happen… THANK YOU!). Anyways, now it’s time to start talking about Grandma’s Marathon goals!

If you’ve been reading CRG for any period of time, you know that I’ve been gunning for a sub-3:30.



I first got it in my head that this could be possible after I broke out a 3:31.44 at the 2010 NYC Marathon and have been trying to cut that 1:45 off my time ever since. I got a little closer after Wineglass Marathon in 2013 with a 3:31.19, my current PR. 



So, yes, my big goal for this weekend is a sub-3:30. The weather is freaking me out a bit, so I’m hoping that training in the hot Texas summers (combined with my focus on cross-training with Orangetheory Fitness) will mean I’m stronger than ever and don’t have to worry about the toasty temperatures. 

I am not making a “B” or a “C” goal as part of my Grandma’s Marathon goals. I am going for the sub-3:30 and that’s my number one and only goal. 

I know, it’s big. 

But, it’s going to happen. 

Training went well, and even more importantly, I’ve been able to surround myself with positivity over the past few months which has completely changed my mentality when it comes to running. Hearing others tell you that they think you are going to nail it goes a long way and I know this will boost my mental confidence come race day. 



But now, it’s time to trust in the training, enjoy the race and get that sub-3:30. 

See you all on the other side. 🙂 

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Do you like to set more than one goal for race day? What’s a big goal you have right now? 

Any last words of wisdom? 


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