Happy happy Monday! I am still up in Minnesota enjoying some cool(er) weather before I head back to Austin tomorrow! 

THANK YOU ALL for your amazing posts to help cheer me on for Grandma’s Marathon this weekend, I loved reading each and every one of them and thought about them all during the race! If you follow me on Instagram, you already know I didn’t hit my sub-3:30 goal. I was on pace until just after the 20 mile marker when the heat started to get to me… and I finished with a 3:31.19. Which is the PR I set at Wineglass Marathon in 2013

So now the question is… does it count as a PR? I am still baffled that I managed to finish 26.2 miles down to the SECOND of the exact time of my PR. 

I will have a full recap up on Wednesday, but since I’m still in vacation mode, a quick post to tell you the 5 things I loved about Grandma’s Marathon. 


1. A smaller race



I’ve run the big races, like NYC Marathon and Boston Marathon, and while I love those for their own reasons, I find myself gravitating to smaller races these days. I love that it’s easy to get to the start (for Grandma’s, I was dropped off in the parking lot where the race was and it was NBD). I love that you don’t spend your first three miles weaving in traffic. I love that you can spot your spectators. I love the feel that you get from the smaller races. 



2. The course


The Grandma’s Marathon course reminds me a lot of Boston, with some major differences, but there are some similarities. I’ll get into that more in my post-race recap, but short story, I loved the course and though it was gorgeous. I especially loved where it finished! Running along Lake Superior was great for some breezes and some views, too. 



3. The people!

There are 8,000 volunteers that help make Grandma’s Marathon a success and they do an INCREDIBLE JOB. They realized that the weather was going to be hot and humid and had stations filled with ice. I was so impressed with the level of organization for this race and how kind and awesome everyone was that I saw along the course. I couldn’t thank these volunteers enough for the great work that they did to make Grandma’s Marathon a successful day for everyone. 



4. An excuse to adventure around Duluth… 


Even though I lived in Minneapolis for 5+ years, I never made it up to Duluth and I loved having an excuse to adventure around the city and the area. It is such an awesome city and I loved being able to check out a bunch of cute breweries, restaurants and shops (you know Duluth Trading Co. from commercials? Their gear is AWESOME. I spent wayyy too much money in that store this weekend). 



5. The medal!


Oh my gosh, I am SO impressed with the Grandma’s Marathon medal! The thing I love most about it is that they didn’t just slap together some huge medal and call it good. Instead, they put some work into a really awesome design and I love that it can actually stand up. It’s not the biggest or the heaviest medal that I’ve earned, but it’s definitely one of my favorites. 


What was your favorite part of your weekend? 

Running in the heat —> does it kill you? 

Do you consider this a PR? Why or why not? 

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