Hip hip hooray for Friday! Not like I can be that excited since I only had a three-day work week thanks to a fabulous vacation in the Northwoods (where you can wear hoodies, in the summer. You cannot do that in Austin currently). 

Mississippi River in Minneapolis, MN | Crazy Running Girl


This weekend is going to be great because it is John Hancock Hosts the Cooking Light & Health Fit Foodie Race Weekend! I missed this event last year and am so excited to be an ambassador for the race and weekend events this year. Check out THIS post to learn more about what you can expect for the weekend, including how you can sign up (and use my coupon code to save $$$). It’s not too late to join me!

So, in honor of a fun fitness-filled weekend, I am linking up with Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC to talk about the five things I’m most excited about Fit Foodie Race Weekend!


1. The fact that calories are earned AND burned. 

Yes, I love to work out. But yes, I love food even more! Especially really good food, and that is an important component of this weekend. I am really excited to head to the Whole Foods in downtown tonight for the Party with a Purpose kick-off party!

Let’s be real, they had me when they said that there was an opportunity to win stuff. 


2. Another 5k!

Fit Foodie 5k | Use coupon code CRAZYRUNNINGGIRL to save 10%


The Fit Foodie 5k will be tomorrow morning and I am excited to run a shorter distance! I conned one of my friends to run with me, so it’ll be a fun little adventure. I have this weird thing where I love to run a shorter race the weekend or two after the marathon because in your mind it feels so ridiculously short!


3. …and a medal!

I think it’s pretty cool that they are giving out medals with the 5k race instead of doing shirts (which you can buy). 

PLUS there are more prizes. And food. And drinks. All the things!


4. Getting to meet Bill Rodgers!

Marathon Man | Crazy Running Girl


Guys, Bill Rodgers is going to be there! I just picked up his book a few weeks ago and feel like I should try to hurry up and read it before I meet him. He did win the Boston Marathon four times and the NYC Marathon once… incredible!


5. A weekend full of my favorite things

All in all, I am most excited about this weekend because it has all of my favorite things. Running, check. Great food, check. Awesome giveaways, check. It should be a fun-filled weekend with a lot of different things to do (when I’m not at the Fit Foodie Race Weekend, I have plans to can some strawberry jam, start watching Orange is the New Black (why haven’t I watched this year?!) and keep reading THIS book). 


What are you looking forward to this weekend? 

Who’s racing? Details!!

Giveaways —> your thing? I know some people aren’t fans!

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