Hope you are having an amazing weekend! This weekend has been all about food with Fit Foodie Weekend AND one of my friends taught me how to can, which I’m calling my something new for the month! At the beginning of year, I set a goal to try something new every month and so far I’ve been rocking it out:

Learning how to can | Crazy Running Girl


My mom used to can all the time when we were little kids, but I never had patience to sit down and actually do it with her. Usually I would get through my “task” and jet off to do something else, so while I had a general idea of what you need to do to can.

Anyways, we were a little ambitious and decided to can a few things —> apple butter, strawberry jam, candied jalapeños and tomatoes.

Chopped jalapenos for candied jalapenos | Crazy Running Girl


I am a little terrified for the candied jalapeños (they have to sit for four weeks before we can try them) because they are going to be spicier than anything I can handle.

Since I’m not a canning expert, I’m not going to share how to can but instead, my favorite things about canning and maybe you’ll want to do it yourself. 🙂

5 things to love about canning | Crazy Running Girl



1. An excuse to try foods you otherwise might not  

Making candied jalapenos | Crazy Running Girl

Even though I’ve been working on it for years, I just cannot handle spice so the idea of chopping up a bunch of jalapeños and eating them? Sounds crazy. Candied jalapeños sound like something I may be able to handle (although yesterday’s taste may mean otherwise, ha).

But, there are so many awesome foods that you can try to can that it keeps it interesting. Pickled okra? I’ve never even tried okra, but when you add pickling to the mix, it sounds so good. 


2. The perfect reason for a garden

Canning tomatoes | Crazy Running Girl


Growing up, we had a garden and I’ve missed it ever since I started living on my own. I’ve lived in apartments for far too long and can’t wait for the day when I can have a huge garden once again. And of course, being able to can your fruits and veggies is just an added bonus for having a garden. 


3. It’s actually kinda therapeutic

Crazy Running Girl's canning adventures | Crazy Running Girl


Canning is almost like an assembly-line process, where you have to prepare the fruit/veggies, cook them for a bit, put them in the jars and then boil them. Each step along the way has their own steps, and getting in the zone of knocking out jars was actually pretty relaxing. 


4. A chance to practice my taste testing skills 🙂

Canning summer strawberries | Crazy Running Girl


When we used to go strawberry picking in the summer, our rule was that for every two you picked, you had to taste test one. I mean, you definitely need to make sure you are picking the best fruit. 😉 I think that rule definitely applies to canning — you can’t make strawberry jam if you are slicing up some bad strawberries. 


5. A way to enjoy my favorite summer foods in the winter 

Strawberry jam! | Crazy Running Girl

I LOVE that you can use your canned foods for months to come — especially when you live up north, there’s nothing better than digging into some strawberry jam that tastes like you just picked the berries. I do love canning tomatoes because they are great for recipes throughout the year — like chili in the dead of winter, YUM. 


So there you have it, my learning how to can adventure. Next up for July? Backpacking camping in Colorado, which is going to be an amazing time with my BFF Steph. Can’t wait!


Have you ever learned how to can? What did you think? 

Favorite canned foods? 

Have you tried anything new this month? Details! 

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