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Oh hey there Monday! I know, I know… not the most favoritist day for many but I love this perspective because it is worth appreciating. 

Fit Foodie 5k with Bill Rodgers and Ryan Hall | Crazy Running Girl

I KNOW, that’s Bill Rodgers and Ryan Hall! So pumped that I finally got to meet both of them, and Bill was seriously the sweetest and I wish I could have talked to him for longer! He asked me how long I’d been running and I said 20 years, and I didn’t expect him to be so shocked! Then he asked how old I was, and couldn’t believe my age either (this is why I still get carded for lottery tickets).

Besides this awesome opportunity, this weekend was filled with a lot of adventures, from running the Fit Foodie 5k (race recap coming soon!) to learning how to can and finally spending a day at my apartment pool. The one thing I’m excited for about today and this week? Getting back to running! 

One of the things that’s the most crazy about marathon training is that you go through phases where you love every moment > are too tired to think about it > can’t wait until it’s over > hate taper phase > question your sanity during marathon recovery week. 

And, that is totally where I’m at! Last week, I kept my workouts to the minimum because my legs were hurting for a few days (and I was too exhausted to even want to wake up early to work out). 

I am headed out of town in a few weeks to go on a backpacking camping adventure with my BFF Steph in Colorado. 

Mountain views in Colorado


I can’t wait for a few days surrounded by these amazing views and to completely disconnect from the world. So, what does this have to do with my workouts?

Stairmaster adventures | Crazy Running Girl


Last Wednesday, I hit the stair climber for 20 minutes to start preparing for hiking with a backpack in the crazy altitude of Colorado. It wasn’t as terrible as I thought, but I have some work to do.

Post-workout at Orange Theory Fitness | Crazy Running Girl


I also hit up Orangetheory Fitness on Thursday. I am still loving the results I’m seeing from these workouts, but I’m kinda itching to see if there is something else out there for some variety.

One of the things that drives me crazy about OTF is having to stand and wait for class for about 15 minutes before it begins… obviously you can show up about a minute before, but no guarantees you can start on the treadmill which is my favorite. SO, I might shop around and see if there’s a better option (I’m really interested in seeing what 9Rounds is all about, has anyone tried it before?!). 

Anyways, end rant! This week I am back at it with running. I am not following a particular plan and my goal right now is to just get out there and get some miles in as I feel like I’m still recovering. I will probably take a break from “training” for the next few weeks before I jump back into a plan for my fall races. 

And just because you might need some cuteness for your Monday:

Maine Coon with yarn | Crazy Running Girl


What did you do this weekend? What drives you crazy about fitness classes? 

Have you met any famous people? Who?! Details! 

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