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After an amazing weekend in Oregon with Brooks + RunHappy Ambassadors, I am back in Texas and ready to celebrate the 4th of July! I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating summer, America and your friends and family. xoxo

This morning, I started the day with a 4th of July 5k, the Freedom 5000 here in Austin! I love running races on holidays, it’s like my new favorite thing. I am currently trying to convince my sister to run a race for Thanksgiving as I’ve never done a turkey trot before. I know, where have I been!? 

Anyways, the weather was looking awesome for our race this morning –> it was in the mid-80s with lots of humidity. Just what you want, right!? The race was held over at Camp Mabry, which features an out-and-back course with a hill that you go up and right back down around halfway. I liked the course a lot better this time around than I did last time I ran it. 

Ready for the Freedom 5000 in Austin, TX | Crazy Running Girl


I ran it with a group of friends (aka I twisted their arms to want to run it with me; I also realize now that I have to find some shorter friends) and we got there about 45 minutes before the race started. What we noticed was that everyone was wearing a different style of bib. Some people had ones with red font, others (like us) had black font; others still had some Runner’s World bibs and some looked like they had just printed the logo on some paper with a number. 

Turns out, the race director said that the bibs were stuck in Dallas thanks to UPS and some operational issues (whatever that may mean). I think this resulted in a lot of disorganization for today’s race, including starting 20ish minutes late and not having accurate results. 

Each of us decided that we were going to run our own race today, which I was excited to run a little speedy after watching the Olympic Track Trials this weekend. Apparently a little TOO speedy… when I looked at my watch about a quarter mile in, I was averaging a 6:10 pace. WHOA. I slowed that down to low 7’s for the first mile and a half, and started to struggle to breathe a bit thanks to the humidity. 

I saw Jennifer right before the turnaround — she is SO speedy and one of my favorites in Austin. Halfway up the hill at the turnaround, I checked out my watch and I was still rocking around a low 7 while I went up the hill and wanted to give myself a high five since I usually die. 

Star Spangled Runner | Crazy Running Girl


I kinda died off for the last mile, and finished with a 23:21 according to my Garmin. I will take it, given the race conditions and that I didn’t get to bed til 1:30 a.m.! I am hoping that I can set a PR in this distance later this year… fingers crossed. 

We also had to practice our jumps… I think for the only time in my life I was near Casey’s height!

Camp Mabry, post-Freedom 5000 5k | Crazy Running Girl


And we finally mastered it 🙂

Camp Mabry, post-Freedom 5000 5k | Crazy Running Girl


What are your plans for 4th of July? Anyone also racing? 

What’s your favorite holiday? What’s your favorite holiday race? 

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