Before I get into my recap of a weekend in Eugene with the Brooks team for the Olympic Track Trials, two quick things:

  1. Yesterday’s 5k. As I mentioned in my recap, all the timing and everything was so messed up… but their online results show that I was only 5 seconds away from a PR! If I go by my Garmin time, it was only 20 seconds. Which one would you take as your “time” for the race? 
  2. Speaking of 5ks… did you watch the men’s prelims for the 5000m yesterday?! I was momentarily heartbroken when I saw that Riley Masters and Garrett Heath from the Brooks Beast team took 7th and 8th in their heat… but ended up advancing based on their race time! Woo woo!


On Friday morning, I grabbed an early morning flight and headed to Portland to meet up with the RunHappy Ambassadors to head to Eugene for the Olympic Track Trials!

2016 Olympic Track Trials | Crazy Running Girl


If you remember, last year we met up in Seattle for a weekend checking out Brooks Running HQ + a half marathon. This year was completely different and absolutely amazing!

Camp Brooks | Crazy Running Girl


We were welcomed with warm arms into Camp Brooks, where Brooks turned a frat house on the Oregon campus into running nirvana for the trials. I roomed with Kristen and it immediately brought me back to my college dorm days. 

The Men's 10,000M finals at the 2016 Olympic U.S. Track Trials | Crazy Running Girl


After settling in, we headed over to the track to watch a few races — including the Men’s 10,000M Finals. I have enough thoughts on this to share in a separate post (including some thoughts on whether I agree with Galen’s approach to his qualifying races…). 

And of course, what’s a trip to Eugene without some amazing food!?

Dinner at Excelsior Inn in Eugene, OR | Crazy Running Girl

So impressed. 

Before we headed out to watch more of the Olympic Track Trials, we woke up for a shake-out run with the Brooks team! The views in Eugene are AMAZING. 

Running views in Eugene, OR | Crazy Running Girl


And did I mention the weather? Currently, we are experiencing 100+ degree temps down here in Austin, so I totally loved the 20 degree drop in temps… even if it was momentarily. 

Brooks RunHappy Ambassadors | Crazy Running Girl

Tina / Jesica / Anne / Janae / Dorothy

On Saturday, we watched some more of the amazingness and I must admit, I got caught up in some of the field events. For one, we saw the world’s longest long jump for the year (!!!) and also got to watch some javelin and pole vault. The javelin is just SO intriguing to me. I don’t even know how you get started in that!

2016 U.S. Olympic Track Trials


For our very special lunch with Garrett and Riley (yes, the same two mentioned above), Brooks picked us up in style:

Brooks RunHappy Ambassadors | Crazy Running Girl


I can’t even remember the last time that I rode in a limo, but it was fabulous. Even more fabulous? Sitting down with two of America’s fastest runners just days before they rocked a race to move on to hopefully represent the U.S. in the Olympics!

With Garrett Heath and Riley Masters | Crazy Running Girl


Garrett and I bonded over the Packers (it is going to be our year), and we talked about everything and anything related to running. It was really interesting to learn more about their daily running schedule with the distances that they currently run!

After adventuring around Eugene and hanging out at Camp Brooks, we went out for one last special meal at a local winery. 

Wine country in Oregon | Crazy Running Girl


Have I mentioned how beautiful Oregon is?!

The next morning, we all had early morning flights to make it back home, which was so bittersweet. It was such an amazing weekend in Eugene watching the Trials and learning more about upcoming things from Brooks (I have some good things to share in the next few weeks, stay tuned!).

Brooks RunHappy Ambassadors in Eugene, OR | Crazy Running GirlMeghann / Anne / Dorothy / Janae / Emily / Tina / Kristen / Jesica


Having the opportunity to go to the U.S. Olympic Track Trials was absolutely amazing, and I am so thankful for Brooks extending an invite for me to join them. Seeing professional athletes at their sport is such an amazing inspiration and always gets me ready to dig deeper to hit that PR that I’ve been fighting for (even though I’m calling it a new-old PR, I have a hard time calling it a PR). 


Thoughts on my “official” time for yesterday’s race? 

What’s your favorite track and field event? Do you prefer to watch sporting events on TV or in person? 

How do you find your inspiration to stay motivated? 

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