I can’t believe that it’s already Thursday! Holiday weeks always seem to fly by, mostly because I’m so confused about what day is what. 

Yesterday this article caught my eye on RW: 

Noah Droddy running the 10,000M Men's Olympic Track Trials | Crazy Running Girl


I have a love-hate relationship with how they talk about Noah Droddy.

1) he didn’t “crash” the Olympic Trials. They make it sound like he ran out of the stands and just suddenly started running the race like a streaker in the 7th inning of a baseball game. 

2) I love this article because I feel like they captured his spirit, a spirit that I feel so many runners have… the whole “shrug, I’m just going to go out and run because I love it.” And of course, I love his whole outfit. I remember seeing him during the race and he looked super speedy, even if he wasn’t in first! He FINISHED the race, which is a huge deal, especially in those weather conditions. So, major applause to him. 


I have a few races up on the calendar that I realized that I haven’t talked about! It’s going to be a busy fall with all of these, plus a few others that I’m thinking about:


Destination Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon (Aug. 13)

Wine country in Oregon | Crazy Running Girl


Kristen from Fit Bottomed Girls mentioned that she was putting together a girls weekend to run a half marathon in Oregon and I was like… count me in?!

After spending a few days there this past weekend, I know it was the right choice! I am debating about whether I want to go for a PR here, I feel like given how the past two races have gone, I am in the right physical shape and mindset to do just that. 



Gruene 10k (Sep. 10)

I haven’t run a 10k in a long time, so it’s due time to do so! I actually kinda hate 10ks (they hurt so bad), but I have hard good things about this race (and the post-race party) so i should be a good adventure. 



Twin Cities Marathon (Oct. 9)



This marks my 10-year anniversary of running marathons… and my first one was Twin Cities Marathon! So, how serendipitous is it to go back to where it all started? I am really intrigued to see how it feels now that I’ve run some much harder and larger races because I remember feeling so overwhelmed and like the last few miles were the worst moments of my life. 



Marine Corps Marathon (Oct. 30)

In a random panic, I signed up for the NYC Marathon lottery this year and when I didn’t get in, I rolled into the next lottery: Marine Corps Marathon. I have always heard amazing things about this race and I’m excited to check it out, even if there are several miles of hills. 🙂



Other races I’m considering:

  • Schlotzsky’s Bun Run: How can you pass up a race called the Bun Run!? Last year when I ran it, I was SO close to PRing and I really like the course (it’s pretty flat) so I think a comeback would be great. 
  • Run for the Water: Every year, I never sign up for this race and every year, I regret it. It has to be the most talked about race in Austin. It’s 10 miles, so it would be a good recovery run to (slowly) do after the Marine Corps Marathon. 
  • Wild Hare Trail RunThis race has been on my wishlist for two years now, and I think I just need to go for it. It has a 50k distance that would be a great breakthrough for the ultra distance. I am also running the Blacklight Run later that day, so would that be crazy to do both races?!
  • Harper’s Heroes Virtual 5k: I came across this race yesterday that Girl Gone Healthy is hosting to raise funds for her newborn daughter who was born deaf. The funds will be used for Harper to get cochlear implants. I usually don’t participate in a lot of virtual races, but I love supporting those that help such a great cause. 


And lastly, a quick giveaway for you! $25 + a gift pack from Riceland from the Women Bloggers… the perfect giveaway for your summer cookouts! 

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