Yesterday, I spent a few hours on an airplane (becoming an every weekend occurrence so not too surprising, haha) and headed out to Denver!

Gigantic bear in downtown Denver | Crazy Running Girl[i hope this is the only bear I see this week!]


I am in Denver for a few days for work, and at the end, tacked on a few days with my BFF Steph. We are going to go backpack camping, which is going to be quite the adventure since a) I haven’t camped since I was in high school and b) I’ve never gone backpacking! The best part of it (minus spending a few days with some awesome people + in nature)? I’ll have no internet connection! I haven’t had this for a REALLY long time and it’ll be so nice to completely disconnect (especially since I’ve ended up working every vacation I’ve taken so far this year). 


Oh my gosh, so I don’t know if I mentioned it on here — but I’ve been on this rant for a few weeks about how I’m so over my Garmin because it doesn’t sync with anything so I have to manually plug in my Garmin and it’s super annoying because my computer is like a dinosaur. I know, #firstworldproblems, right? 



Anyways, I was on the Garmin website last week and noticed that YES my Garmin (the Forerunner 220) does have sync capabilities with bluetooth — I just never actually knew this. DUH. 

So, my Garmin is happily syncing with my phone and I think I ‘m fine keeping it for a few more years now. Let’s just chalk it up to a major blonde moment, ha. 


Last week’s workouts

It felt good to get back to working out last week after taking some time after Grandma’s Marathon and being sick with a cold or allergies. I’ve been super tired lately (I think my anemia is coming back, ugh), so I’ve been riding the struggle bus hard trying to get up early in the morning. I skipped a few early AM workouts, but tried not to get TOO mad at myself because I’m not officially training and it’s just a sign that my body needs more rest (or so I tell myself). 



Does traveling for 14 hours count as a workout!? I was on my way back from Eugene after the Olympic Trials, and it was a long day in airports (oh, layovers). 



Star Spangled Runner | Crazy Running Girl

4th of July 5k!! You can read my full recap HERE. I can’t believe I was only a few seconds off my PR, according to the race website (my Garmin was about 15 seconds slower, so I’m not sure which one to believe, only because the timing was such a disaster during this race). 



After an Orangetheory workout | Crazy Running Girl

Rest day from running, and got back into it at OTF! It was my first workout of THREE for the week… yeah, my muscles needed to get kicked back into shape. 



Brooks Glycerine 14 #runfie | Crazy Running Girl


Kept it short with 4 miles in the hot Texas AM heat. Seriously, how can it be in the 80s in the morning? Why doesn’t it cool off? I promise I’ll stop complaining about this at some point. 🙂



Mill Pond in Austin, TX | Crazy Running Girl


Double workout day! OTF followed by a couple mile hike in north Austin. I feel like this scenery picture reminds me so much of hiking in Wisconsin, just the combination of this type of tree and lake. 



I did an easy three miles in the lovely Texas heat, keeping it super easy (more than 10 minute pace per mile). I was sore from OTF earlier in the week, so my legs felt clunky and tired at first. 



Orangetheory Fitness, post work out | Crazy Running Girl


OTF! I have never done a OTF class on a Saturday and it was really kinda busy. I enjoyed this workout and am definitely feeling it today. When I feel this all-over burn, it makes me reconsider my thoughts about quitting. 


What was your favorite workout from last week? When’s your next vacation? 

Backpackers/campers —> any tips for my trip later this week? 

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