Yesterday I went for a mid-day run in Denver, and I am so proud to say…

Mid-day run in Denver, CO | Crazy Running Girl

…I didn’t die! I was worried about running in mid-80s temperatures and also with the altitude. My lungs did burn a little bit and it felt a little bit like I was running uphill both ways (on an out-and-back).


While I was in Eugene, one of the cool things I had the opportunity to participate in was Run Signature, which is a new methodology from Brooks that helps you get fit for the best running shoes for YOU and your body. We all have different muscle imbalances and through Run Signature, you can learn what shoes work best for your body based on this. 

I have ranted about this before –> but the most important piece of gear any runner can have are their shoes. The only times I’ve been injured have been because of my shoes not fitting my body right, and it’s so annoying to suffer through that because of something that you can change. I am neurotic about my shoes because of this, and it’s often the first thing I ask people about when they say they have some aches and pains. 

Before I jumped on the treadmill, I had a chance to win a pair of running shoes. 

Wind machine with Brooks Running | Crazy Running Girl


I’ve never been in one of these machines before and it’s harder than it looks! Sadly, I didn’t win any new running shoes in Brooks. Boo!

Run Signature with Brooks Running | Crazy Running Girl


To get ready for your Run Signature evaluation, they put a couple of sensors on your legs so that they can track the way that you move. You fill in a few details on the iPad, jump on the treadmill and they have you do a few squats so they can see your baseline. 

Run Signature with Brooks Running | Crazy Running Girl[wait, am I doing this right?!]


Once your on the treadmill, they bump it up to a slow running pace for you and you run for a few minutes.

Run Signature with Brooks Running | Crazy Running Girl


Run Signature with Brooks Running | Crazy Running Girl


During this time, you are being video’ed so that they can analyze what it looks like when you run compared to when you stand. 

Run Signature with Brooks Running | Crazy Running Girl


My Run Signature analysis showed that I have little to no variation between the two, which means that I am a solid neutral runner… and I was recommended to run in the Glycerin! Who would have thought?! These shoes are also great for me because I am a prominent heel striker, so the more cushion I can have, the better.

Run Signature with Brooks Running | Crazy Running Girl


I also received recommendations to check out the Ghost and the PureFlow, so I’m excited to see what these shoes are all about. I may use these for shorter distances/OTF where I focus more on speed and need shoes that are a bit lighter and more flexible (I have been using the Launches for this, love them). 

If you are interested in getting your own Brooks Run Signature, check out upcoming events on the Brooks website. In addition, if you are in the Austin area, you can check out Run Signature at REI on July 30. Definitely worth it!


Have you ever done a gait analysis? What did you find out? 

What’s your go-to running shoe? Do you buy shoes based on color? 

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